Our aim is to ensure that every pupil continues to make progress and to build on the successes and developments which they have made this academic year. We want pupils to enjoy what is on offer and to continue to truly discover their passions and interests.  

Our aspiration to develop pupils who are adaptable to changes and challenges in this increasingly unpredictable world comes to the fore now.  Despite the fact that pupils will not be physically at school this period provides them with the opportunity to continue to be intellectually challenged, to develop independent learning skills, and to organise themselves and their own time.  

We have learned from the feedback and experiences during the last week of the Spring Term and have strengthened our program, adding new solutions to ensure we offer remote learning experiences that are both engaging and enriching 

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L4 to UR (Year 7 to 10)

Lessons here will continue as normal, delivering the current syllabus. Our aim here is to ensure that pupils remain firmly on target for next year. Upper Remove pupils will continue with their GCSE syllabus and we expect pupils to continue to make strong progress and remain firmly on target for next year.

To ensure that all pupils consolidate their learning and review progress, assessments will occur in all subjects at the latter half of term and these will be delivered online. Pupils will continue to be encouraged to focus on the reading for pleasure enrichment activities.

Lower Remove and Upper Remove pupils will be introduced to Unifrog – An award-winning online careers platform for careers guidance and tailored support as well as building a portfolio of enrichment activities.  Upper Remove pupils will be guided to explore future careers and A level choices.


FF (Year 11)

During the summer term we will secure completion of the syllabus in all subjects and commence with A level courses. We believe this is a real opportunity for this year group to get ahead with their A level studies and give this summer term a renewed purpose. The timing for this will be subject to the grading process that will be announced shortly by Ofqual. More information will be shared on A level taster sessions in the new future.

All FF pupils will be encouraged to complete a MOOC (Massive open online course) of their choosing via Unifrog or to acquire another skill such as starting a language from scratch. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. This term captures a huge range of courses that cover all kinds of topics. They’re super useful for boosting knowledge or helping pupils to get to grips with a new subject. They also serve to impress during your university apprenticeship or job application processes.

L6 (Year 12)

As L6 builds towards their A level assessments in U6 we will continue the delivery of the A level syllabus.

Throughout the Summer Term, we will be working closely with pupils in preparation for university applications and working towards finalising personal statements.

Those pupils who are undertaking an EPQ will be encouraged to work towards writing up their dissertation and completing their artifacts before the summer.

As per the FF, L6 will be encouraged to take part in the MOOC, with Year Group Tutors guiding students on how to choose these.

For those considering applying for courses with an early UCAS deadline (15 October), there will be online and video sessions to guide them in their preparation. These include applications to Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.


U6 (Year 13)

Students in the U6 will spend the first three weeks of the term completing the syllabus in their subjects and refining their examination skills to ensure they are fully prepared for any examination they wish or need to take but also for the transition into further study.

Following this, there will be a degree of preparation for Higher Education and a shift towards looking at developing expertise in relevant areas for further study as well as offering opportunities for enrichment in areas in which students may be interested.

Students will be offered the opportunity to undertake four hours of ‘Guided Study’ in the subject they have chosen to pursue in their Higher Education, or in the subject most closely related to the skills or content of their chosen HE course.

In addition, students have been offered the chance to undertake a “Masterclass”, in one or more subjects should they wish. These are standalone university-style lectures and tutorials on areas of specialist staff interest.

Enrichment Opportunities

As we embark on the Summer Term, there is also a range of activities for students to try to complement their own academic interests or to try something new. For more information visit our Enrichment Opportunity page.

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