We recognise that every household will have differing levels of access both in terms of devices available and the quality of the connection to the internet, which could impact access to remote learning at any one time. Where possible we have endeavoured to ensure that learning is flexible and also that accessibility is available via a number of devices including tablets and or smartphones.

To allow us to effectively deliver remote learning you will have seen that we have put in place the appropriate safeguarding, technical systems and procedures to allow increased interaction between teachers and their classes when working remotely.

This will allow us to increase the amount of pre-recorded video and audio instruction, group messaging, as well as offer live streaming of some activities and lessons this term.


Microsoft Teams

King's Worcester Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 service that staff and pupils already have access to and it has an education focus that allows us to build online classrooms so that we can develop more interactive remote teaching and learning with our academic classes and pastoral groups.

Teams links to all other Office 365 apps and it can be accessed from a desktop/laptop, on the web, on mobile phones and tablet computers (e.g. an iPad). Teams provides a platform for online class discussion, a host for pre-recorded teacher instruction and the functionality to allow live audio and video lessons which can be recorded for later retrieval.

Our IT department have been creating Teams for each subject class and pastoral (Form Tutor or House Tutor) group for each pupil and member of staff using our management information system, SIMS. This will enable pupils to interact with various forms, classes and staff whom they were used to engaging within school.

More information about Microsoft Teams can be found on Firefly.



King's Worcester Firefly

Firefly will be used for setting work for lessons. This is because the system is one which is already familiar to both pupils and staff.

Pupils should start each school day by logging into Firefly by 8:30am to see their tasks. Within these tasks, teachers may then direct pupils to activities based in Teams. Where teachers arrange live content within Teams this will take place within the normal timetabled lesson time for that class. If a pupil’s home situation means that they are unable to access content at this time, then the material will be available for access later within the class Team site.


Getting started with Microsoft Teams

For an introduction to how Teams works for remote learning please click on this link to watch a short video. Further Microsoft guidance for pupils, parents and guardians can be accessed through links at the end of this message. Pupils can access Teams by logging into their Office 365 account via the link at the bottom of the school website and/or they should download the free Teams desktop and/or mobile app to whichever device they will use and log into the app with their usual school username and password. If pupils encounter technical difficulties they should contact ithelpdesk@ksw.org.uk.

Before commencing remote learning on these platforms, all pupils should read the Pupil Behaviour Policy & Code of Conduct for Remote Learning which must be followed.

Whilst the above will be our main platforms for remote learning delivery, as we develop and evolve, we may well trial other software to enhance the experience for pupils.


For more information on other Microsoft products please visit our Help & Support Section.


Ensuring that you are sat comfortably

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Sitting Correctly at your Des

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