IT Help and Support

If there are any questions or queries about the use of remote learning tools such as Microsoft Teams, there are a variety of sources of information for help and advice.  

Pupils are encouraged to visit the Remote Teaching and Learning Support pages on Firefly, where the following information can be found:-

  • A video introduction to Teams
  • A guide to installing Teams on your device
  • A one-page summary of how to use Teams

Microsoft also offers a raft of handy guides for pupils and parents/guardians alike 

Remote learning with Office 365 for students 

Remote learning with Office 365 for parents and guardians: 

The IT team is always on hand via the should pupils have technical queries or problems accessing Firefly, Office 365 account and Microsoft Teams.  


Additional support material and quick and easy to use guides are also available from Microsoft via the links below.  

OneDrive help: 

Word help: 

PowerPoint help: 

OneNote help: 


Pastoral Support 

The well-being of pupils is of paramount importance. Alongside the pastoral structure, we have at King’s pupils are directed to the “Getting Help and Staying Safe” pages on Firefly for additional information and for contact details for the Chaplain, nurses and school counsellor. They will be available for pupils who wish to seek confidential guidance and support.   

Our external partners also provide a range of support material for pupils. From support for dealing with anxiety, keeping positive mental health, social distancing and self-isolation and much more, visit Firefly.  


Where is my child’s work?

All pupils’ activities will be posted daily on FireFly or will be signposted from there. Every morning your child should log in to Firefly to see their learning activities for the day.  

When will my child’s activity be available?  

All lessons will be uploaded to Firefly ready for students in advance of their lesson. Pupils should follow their normal timetable for the day.

My child doesn’t understand what to do. How can they get help?  

Teachers will all be working remotely and so your child can email their teacher, who will endeavour to respond as soon as they can. Teachers will be teaching a full timetable and as such may not be able to respond immediately.  

My child can’t log in to Firefly. What should I do?  

Your child can reset their Firefly password at home by clicking on ‘forgot password’.  The IT team is always on hand via the should pupils have technical queries or problems accessing Firefly, Office 365 account and Microsoft Teams.  

My child can’t log in to their Microsoft Office Account. What should I do?  

If pupils encounter technical difficulties they should contact 

How will SEN/Learning Support operate now?  

Our Learning Skills Department will be in contact with existing pupils who require additional learning support, either by phone or email. Alongside teachers and tutors they will be in touch to ensure that work is accessible, achievable and where necessary extra support is provided. In addition to this Group Microsoft Team sessions will be running for those who were having lessons prior to lockdown. Where pupils require additional support during the remote learning they are encouraged to contact

When will my child’s learning activities be available? 

All lessons will be uploaded to Firefly ready for students to access at 8:30am every day. Pupils should follow their normal timetable for the day.  

Where can information about Online Behaviour Expectations and Online Pupil Behaviour Code?

The Online Posts Expectations summary which can be found here, explains how we would like pupils to communicate when writing messages (or “Posts”) within Microsoft Teams. It is important that they read both this guidance and the Online Pupil Behaviour Code carefully and follow these instructions when working remotely.

Where should my child complete the learning activity?

This will vary for each subject and each task. Instructions will be in the lesson activities. If they are not sure, they should use their exercise book or complete the work. 

How do I get in contact with someone if I have a question?

Pupils are encouraged to get in contact with their teachers in the first instance via Microsoft Teams.  



My child usually sees the school counsellor. What happens now? 

If your child sees one of the counsellors, they will be contacted by their school counsellor where possible by phone or email. Where possible, the relevant school counsellor has already discussed the agreed contact with your child. Our Pastoral teams will be in regular contact with pupils who we know require extra support.  


When will you reopen?

We are in frequent contact with the Local Authority and Health officials. We will share reopening plans on our website and via school comms to parents as advice becomes available. We very much look forward to having everyone back with us as soon as possible.  


Can my child come back to school to collect books while we are closed?

Unfortunately, the school site is closed, to create ‘social distancing’ for the community’s protection and as such pupils will be unable to access books from our Library. As soon as this changes we will let you know. Where possible pupils will be directed to online e-books and learning resources.

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