In these uncertain times we seek to provide educational continuity that helps ensure King’s pupils continue to make excellent progress and do not miss out on this important time in their education. Through our online delivery we still look to foster a life-long love of learning and help pupils to make the most of their time when schools are closed.

Remote learning at King’s aims to;

  • Continue to deliver a balanced, rounded educational experience, including academic, pastoral and, where possible, extra-curricular activities.
  • Continue to provide the highest level of pastoral support for pupils through a virtual support network including House Tutors, Form Tutors, and the senior Pastoral Team
  • To provide effective remote teaching by combining technology with best pedagogical methods to optimise learning outcomes.
  • To deliver engaging and stimulating remote lessons that challenge and inspire pupils to learn.
  • Provide a robust, regular feedback process to ensure that there is continued effective dialogue between teachers, pupils and parents.

Visit our Delivering Remote Learning page, to find out more about how we will deliver the above and the Academic Study page for more information on our planned study programme for individual years.

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