Keeping Our Community Connected

During this period of remote learning, it is vital to ensure that we all remain connected and that pupils continue to feel recognised and valued as part of the King’s family. Pastoral care is at the heart of life at King’s and our Tutor system will ensure that we keep in close contact with pupils and that we continue to provide regular communication, support and guidance where needed during this challenging time.

  • Registration will take place through a central process as highlighted via Firefly. If pupils are unable to work or not well, parents or guardians are asked to email
  • Pupils can contact their Form or Year Group Tutor, their House Tutor,  any teacher they feel comfortable speaking to or any member of the Senior Management Team at any time via Microsoft Teams, email or Firefly for concerns, worries or if they just want to talk. Pupils can also contact Mrs Toland via the “Ask for Help” button on Firefly.
  • Pastoral Time run through Forms or Houses ensures that staff are in regular contact with pupils to provide familiar and reassuring support and to offer a sense of connection with School life.
  • Each year group will have access to weekly assemblies and enrichment opportunities.
  • Our School counsellor, Carmel, is contactable via her email:
  • PHSE (Personal, Health and Social Education) will continue to play a significant role in Form and House time.

Pupil Behaviour Code and Code of Conduct for Remote Learning

While we enter this period of remote learning, all pupils are expected to behave by standard school rules and guidelines. We remind our community of the KING’S PASTORAL CARE ETHOS of mutual respect, openness, and warmth. The following documents will ensure that both pupils and staff continue to work safely and securely as one community: Additional Policies and Documents

Pupils are expected to uphold the values and ethos of King’s, treating all members of our community with respect, understanding and kindness throughout the remote learning period.

Maintaining Your Wellbeing While Remote Learning


Well-being Infographic



Your Pastoral Support

For Pastoral Support and Well-being contacts and information please visit our Help & Support page.

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