To ensure continuity of education we are asking pupils to continue to work to their existing school timetables. Using the existing timetable provides the key advantage of enabling pupils and teachers to be available for live lessons or online discussions at the same time. 


Structure of the Day:

  • Pupils are all encouraged to log into Firefly each morning by 8:30am to begin to plan their day.
  • Firefly will be the primary vehicle for informing pupils about what they will be doing each day using the tasks feature. In these tasks, pupils will be directed by their teachers to the learning activity for the lesson that day.
  • Interactions between teachers and pupils are achieved through the use of Microsoft Teams, an existing part of the school’s Office 365 provision.
  • Teachers will use their professional judgement to select the best remote learning approaches for the learning objectives of their lesson. Where appropriate, live interactive sessions in Teams will be scheduled during normal timetabled lesson times. These are ordinarily recorded to allow access for pupils who are unable to attend the lesson at that time.
  • Pupils are to complete work in their exercise books or on file paper and they submit these as a single .pdf document in response to tasks set on Firefly. Pupils may also be asked to complete work in OneNote Class Notebook.

We actively encourage pupils to take time out for lunch and breaks, which will provide flexibility for families and for pupils to either pursue co-curricular activities or continue with independent work should they wish.


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