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King's Worcester is still welcoming enquiries and applications for September 2020 intake in selected Senior School year groups and also in the Sixth Form.

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Throughout our enforced closure, we have been intent upon enabling an effective re-opening. Indeed, our commitment to return to educational provision in a setting we value has enabled us to determine the priorities and processes to inform and shape each stage of our plans.

We will continue to put the health, safety and well-being of our community at the forefront of our plans as we consider how pupils can best access lessons, pastoral care and activities. Whilst there still remains much uncertainty on what government guidelines will be in place, we have appropriate contingency arrangements and protocols which will allow us to carefully but confidently move towards welcoming pupils back to School.

You will notice that some details which follow assert a definite action which we have undertaken or will be taking; others remain provisional at this stage. By having the facility to employ measures, perhaps in advance of requiring them, we will be better able to adapt to what is likely to be the evolving situation. We will collate the measures into response levels to enable clear indications of which measures are in place at any given point.

We know that you will have many questions about how the school will look in September and we thought it would be useful to summarise the key information for ease of reference. As the summer progresses, we will update these pages so as to keep all members of the School community informed.

King's Sixth Form Pupils (Full width Image)

Health and Hygiene

  • We may undertake temperature checks at the start of every day.
  • We will ensure that staff do not work, or have contact with, pupils if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has. This will be in line with the government guidelines as they stand at the time.
  • We will ask that pupils not be sent to school if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has. This will be in line with the government guidelines as they stand at the time.
  • Pupils and staff will use hand sanitiser on arrival in each classroom and upon departure.
  • We have increased the amount of easy-access handwashing facilities.
  • There will be water bottle fillers instead of water fountains.
  • As a result, pupils will need to bring a water bottle with them to school.
  • There will be regular cleaning of classrooms, toilets, furniture and common touchpoints.
  • We have replaced exit buttons for external doors with non-contact controls.
  • We have a trained school nurse on site with isolation facilities for suspected cases.
  • We will provide pupils and staff with the opportunity to raise any concerns.

COVID-19 Sign

Sixth Form Students studying (Full width Image)

Teaching and Learning

  • We will be offering our full curriculum to all pupils. Online learning will continue to be available and may be delivered alongside lessons in classrooms.
  • We will ensure that all classrooms are equipped to enable the transmission of lessons both to those present in School and those who may be isolating at home.


  • We will ensure equipment is not shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning has taken place.
  • We may continue to use Firefly as the mechanism through which pupils’ work is handed in for marking and assessment.
  • We will make increased use of online textbooks.
  • In order to not share items of stationery, we ask that every pupil attend School each day with the following items:
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Ruler
    • Rubber
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Pair of scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Calculator
  • For all pupils in L4 (Year 7), U4 (Year 8) and LR (Year 9) as well as those studying Art for GCSE or Pre-U:
    • Black fine liner pens (a pack of three for £1 from The Works would be ideal)
    • 2B, 4B, 6B graphite drawing pencils
    • An additional rubber

Use of Devices

  • To enable continuity in teaching and learning as well as facilitate the limited need for papers and materials to pass between pupil and teacher, we ask that each pupil brings with them a device. Please note that a WIFI enabled smartphone should suffice. Headphones for this device will also be required. Families should ensure that they have insurance cover for the device for loss or damage whilst in School.
  • The use of a device in any lesson will be at the direction of the teacher. More information will be available to remind pupils of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • In order for a pupil device to be used in any lesson within the school day, pupils must manage their devices to ensure the battery will last through the whole day.
    • Pupils should be familiar with settings on their device to prolong battery life such as screen dimming.
    • The device must be fully charged at the start of the school day.
    • Pupils may need to alter their online habits on the way to School to maintain a full battery.
    • Pupils are not allowed to bring in a 3-pin charger.
    • A portable charging device may be brought into School to top up their battery during the school day.

Supporting Pupils’ Wellbeing

We appreciate that the changes to the 2019/2020 Spring and Summer Term, as well as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, have been challenging for pupils’ wellbeing and mental health. Clinical Psychologist, Dr Kate Mason, has kindly put together two videos, one for parents, ‘Supporting Young People’s Mental Health’, and one for pupils, ‘Looking After Your Mental Health’.  In these videos, Dr Mason provides useful support and guidance for our parents and pupils. Offering insight into likely behaviour, feelings and how to deal with the anxiety which pupils may face. We hope you’ll find them both useful and informative.

Use of Spaces and Places

  • We will ask all pupils and staff, as well as visitors to the site, to observe the government guidelines as they stand at any point on their way to and from the School.
  • We will ensure safe occupancy levels of all facilities and areas.
  • Should we need to create year group bubbles, or stagger the start or end of the day, we will make the necessary adaptations and revisions to enable this.
  • We may revise seating arrangements in lessons to maximise the distance between pupils.
  • We will make enhanced use of outdoor spaces.
  • We will introduce one-way systems where these are possible and practical and we may make use of rotas to enter and leave buildings.
  • By protecting areas of the site for specific year groups, we would be able to comply with any need to minimise mixing between different year groups.
  • Large gatherings in communal areas will not take place: we will expand our staff duty rota in the interests of pupil safety and make use of Microsoft Teams for briefings, assemblies and some activities.
  • We may suspend the use of locker rooms and bag racks.
  • Although there are reports that schools will not need to observe social distancing, we judge that it is most sensible for us to ensure that no-one feels that their safety is compromised by being in locations in which particularly close person to person contact is inevitable. Therefore, our changing rooms may well not be operational at the start of term. For more information on this please see our PE and Sports section.


  • Our vending machines will not be in use.
  • As a result, pupils should bring any breaktime snacks with them to School.
  • Should we be unable to offer catering at break and lunch, we will ask that pupils bring their own packed lunch. We will confirm this as soon as is possible.
  • We may suspend town privileges – at least for some year groups, if not all – so as to enable King’s pupils to avoid assembling in large groups over lunchtime.
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  • We may suspend temporarily the need for blazers and jackets as such items are those which are more likely to come into contact with touch points on door handles or chair tops. Should this measure be needed, pupils would not be able to wear coats in lessons and so would need to have jumpers.
  • We may not be able to invite pupils to borrow Art and Science overalls or lab coats. Therefore, all pupils in years L4 to FF may need to bring their own Art/Science overall, as listed on the Uniform Guides here:
    • Lower Years
    • Middle Years
    • Sixth Formers who study Art, Biology, Chemistry or Physics may also need to bring their own overall or lab coat.
  • We may ask that clothing, such as shirts and blouses, which is worn one day should not be worn again before washing within a specific time-frame.
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The Library

Comprehensive planning is underway to enable us to continue to use the Library and the wonderful services and resources that it offers:

  • We will promote a range of online resources and explore digital alternatives to printed books and magazines.
  • We may operate a ‘click and collect’ borrowing and delivery service.

More from the Library

Whilst there is a risk of Covid-19 transmission normal use of the Library will not be possible. We will, therefore, need to plan for various re-opening scenarios, in accordance with the latest distancing and handling protocols and be prepared to adapt as the advice changes. We will operate within the school’s own guidelines and with reference to the COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries produced by CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)  and the School Library Association.

The Library (with the Bolland Room) is a multi-purpose heavily-used physical space, but also an important resource for learning, studying, wellbeing, and reading for pleasure. We will need to consider the safe use of the spaces, the IT equipment and physical resources. For a time, we will have to prioritise certain uses and certain groups of users. We need to carefully consider how and if the space can be used before and after school, during study periods and at break times. We will need to adapt the space to suit the needs of the school’s overall plan for study provision and pupil supervision, whilst trying to prioritise the needs of those user groups who most need our services and use our resources. As elsewhere in the school there will need to be clear signage, furniture re-arrangement, regular cleaning and hand-washing facilities.

The emphasis is on keeping our staff and pupils safe whilst adapting to provide alternative means of accessing and delivering library resources and taking new opportunities to extend the Library services and resources beyond the limits of the physical building. If the physical space itself is re-purposed and access to the physical stock very limited due to safe handling protocols, we can still offer and promote a range of online resources for remote learning. We need to promote our existing online resources and explore digital alternatives to printed books and magazines (such as the Wheelers e-lending platform which we are trialling over the summer).

We would still like to offer access to Library services by safe and manageable means and to facilitate some access to physical learning materials, whilst reducing handling of materials to lower the risk of spreading infection. For example, we could arrange for ‘click and collect’ borrowing services or book delivery, with books needing to be ‘quarantined’ on return. To enable this, we need to encourage access to our LMS (Library management system) from classrooms and also for our LMS to move to a hosted platform so that it can be accessed from home.

We also need to plan for the management of Autumn initiatives such as Book Buzz, Library Inductions, WRAITH meetings (and also a proposed author visit in November).

Whatever we do needs to be manageable and sustainable. We will provide clear and timely information to pupils and staff on how the library will operate and what services will be provided.

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PE and Sport

We judge PE and Games to be essential components of our educational provision at King’s and have developed a robust plan so as to have in place a PE and Games programme for the start of term in September.

  • As a result of the likelihood that our changing rooms will not be in use, we anticipate that pupils will attend school at the start of next term wearing their PE kit on days they have PE and Games. Kit must be full King’s kit and we will not be able to grant exceptions, unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • We have designed and produced a new PE curriculum which focuses upon eye-hand coordination skills and fundamental movement. The programme has been designed to be at a suitable intensity to account for the fact that pupils will remain in their PE kit throughout the day.
  • As a consequence, and so as to minimise the sharing of resources, we ask that all pupils bring the following items with them on the day of their PE lesson:
  • Yoga mat with carrying straps (link to example)
  • 2 tennis balls
  • 1 (or more) resistance bands – examples:
  • Games lessons will be adapted so as to observe government recommendations and the relevant guidelines set out by the different sports’ governing bodies for return to play.   
  • We intend to run an adapted after school and Saturday programme to enable continuity of sports provision for our performers. Our plans will be in line with government recommendations and the relevant guidelines set out by the different sports’ governing bodies for return to play.   

Questions about Returning to School

We appreciate that you may still have unanswered questions. Please feel free to fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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