The King’s School, Worcester
Primary Schools’ Writing Competition 2019/20 

Following the success of last year’s inaugural competition, we are delighted to announce our Primary Schools’ Writing Competition for 2019/20 on the theme of Journeys.

It is inspired by the celebrations of the journey of the Pilgrim Fathers to the New World of America in The Mayflower, which begin this year and are very much in our minds with their Worcester connections. However, whilst you might like to take this as a springboard for children’s writing, there is no need whatsoever for you to do so; we hope that the theme is wide enough to enthuse all of your young writers.

Children may write in any genre, and we would like to encourage them to be imaginative in their approach both to the content and the form of their work. Some ideas might include:

  • a special journey to a holiday destination or a new home;
  • a travel itinerary to a real or imagined location;
  • the journey of life;
  • a journey made by evacuees / refugees / military personnel;
  • using the theme to explore environmental issues, perhaps to parts of the world to see the effects of humans on the natural world;
  • escaping into space on a journey to a new world.

The setting can be the past, the present or the future (or even all three!); it can be set in this world or an imaginary other world. Entries can be written in any form: maybe a series of letters, postcards, diary entries, newspaper reports or a leaflet, drama script, short story or poem.


This competition welcomes entries from children of any age who attend a Worcestershire First, Middle or Primary School.

The deadline for the submission of entries is Friday 14th February 2020.

There is no restriction on the number of entries from each school, but there is a limit of one entry from any individual pupil. Please include the writer’s name and year group on their entry. First names and initial will suffice if you would prefer not to use full names.

Entries should be sent to:

Mr A. Maund 
Head of English
The King’s School
5 College Green

Entries will be judged by a panel of our Sixth Form English Literature students, with prizes awarded for different age groups up to and including Year 6, and we expect the winners’ work to appear on our website. We hope that members of our judging panel will be able to visits some of the winners in their schools to award the prizes before the end of the spring term, perhaps in a school or class assembly.

Winners will be contacted through their schools and announced on The King’s School website (with parental agreement) by 20th March 2020.

For further information, please email Sue Mason at

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