King's St Alban's

23 April

Sunny start to summer term at KSA

We have had a sunny start to the summer term at KSA. The good weather has been welcomed as pupils and staff busy themselves around the school.

Sunny start to summer term = Sport in the sun!

In games lessons, boys and girls in Years 3 to 6 have embraced the sunny start to the summer term and have enjoyed playing cricket at the school fields. They have made a very positive start and are keen to get back to playing fixtures in a couple of weeks.

In PE we split each year group, with one half having swimming lessons and the other half doing athletics. The swimmers all seem keen to get back in the pool, having missed so much this year. In athletics, the children have been working on their sprinting technique and we have already seen some very competitive races!

Our after school sporting clubs have all been full to capacity. Tennis has started well and it was great to see the Year 3 & 4 children chasing balls around the playground with rackets in hand on Wednesday. In swimming clubs, the children have been keen to work hard and we were particularly impressed with the improvement that the Year 5 pupils made on their diving skills. Miss Jordan took a fantastic session in netball club on Tuesday, where the children started work on their ‘Stinger’ netball skills, which is the new format that they will be playing next season.

My highlight for the week was taking the Year 2 children to the astroturf for their first hockey lesson. They certainly all looked the part with their shin pads on and gumshields in. The short ride in the minibus caused great excitement and the standard of their skills with the ball was amazing!

Jo Clark, KSA Director of Sport

PSHE round-up

The children in Years 5 and 6 spent Wednesday afternoon immersed in PSHE sessions.

The Year 5 classes focused on money, with one session developing their understanding of money around the world.  The children enjoyed learning about currency in different countries and comparing the prices of items across the world. They certainly enjoyed guessing whether a chocolate bar that cost 690 South Korean won was expensive or not. They voted as to whether it was before working out the price using the exchange rate. It is 50p in case you were wondering!  Another session discussed different types of tax and what the government uses this money for. Staff were very impressed with the initial discussions and how much the children already knew. Classes were then split into six different groups which had to defend and give reasoning why their sector needed some of the £500 billion pounds of the governments money collected by tax. Some great arguments for health services, the police and the arts.

Year 6 spent the afternoon researching and then debating different aspects of climate change, using resources from the World Wildlife Fund. The children were hugely enthusiastic and showed themselves to be well informed about climate change. For most groups, the debate lasted well over an hour, with children enjoying being ‘in character’ – including a very convincing Boris Johnson from one member of 6KB!

Katie Etherington, Year 3 Teacher and PSHE Co-ordinator

Clubs for everyone

The sunny start to the summer term at KSA has allowed the children to relish the opportunity to widen their horizons through a plethora of after school clubs.

In the junior school we have been able to offer 24 stimulating clubs and activities throughout the week and we have been particularly excited to welcome back specialist coaching in Karate, Ballet and Chess. Children are encouraged to try new opportunities and this ethos fits in well with KSA’s summer term growth mindset focus on risk taking.

Evie B went to chess club for the first time this week and she enjoyed the teaching from Mr Berry. Evie has only played 3 or 4 times before and has decided chess “is a really good games that makes you think carefully, stay calm and use a careful strategy”. Drama club also got off to an exciting start and we are thrilled to be planning a drama production (delivered to a live audience) in the John Moore theatre in July. Flo B and Liv K both in Year 5 said “the first rehearsal was really friendly and we all enjoyed having the chance to play lots of different parts”.

Naturally the summer term and fine weather allows the schools fields to be taken over by tennis, athletics and cricket. KSA sports clubs have restarted with gusto and record numbers! We are delighted that so many children have been motivated to remain active during lockdown and the motto ‘Healthy mind, healthy body’ is a motto we are passionate about at King’s St Alban’s. Next week, we look forward to the return of fencing and Year 3 & 4 fun club!

Away from sport, children can also choose between dance, science, IT, art or drama. Between 4-5pm, King’s St Alban’s is still buzzing with children’s curiosity and late room remains available for children until 5.30pm. Here children complete homework, practise spellings or timetables before playing board games, cards or relaxing with friends.

Lisa Kilbey, Assistant Head