King's St Alban's

13 February

Sports Round-up 14.2.20

This week’s Sports Round-Up features coverage of boys football fixtures and girl netball fixtures after another busy week of sport at KSA. Our pupils have played against Winterfold, RGS The Grange, King’s Hawford, The Elms, RGS Springfield,

Boys Football

U8 Festival at Winterfold

The boys enjoyed playing three games against Winterfold, RGS the Grange and King’s Hawford. Lots of learning took place and we managed to keep some more shape, and make some good passes, as the afternoon progressed. Along with the effort and teamwork shown by the whole team, Peter’s goal, hit from outside the area, was a highlight. Eight happy boys returned on the bus to King’s with smiles on their faces and a better understanding of the game.

U9 A v The Elms

On what was a wet and windy Tuesday afternoon we embarked on a fixture against The Elms. Weather conditions made some aspects of the game incredibly difficult. We had to look to play football on the floor and at times we did this excellently. Lex and Oliver J kept the width and we looked to play out wide as quickly as possible. However, The Elms were a very strong side with a lot of pace and that’s how they capitalised on our mistakes, scoring 3 early goals. We had a few good chances throughout the game but fell just short at the last hurdle. Well done boys, lots of positive football played.

U10/11 A v RGS Springfield

The boys were involved in a lovely afternoon in the sunshine over at RGS Springfield. After gentle reminders at the start of the match the U11/10A’s showed good shape and organisation to stay in positions and pass the ball around the pitch. Daniel W and Arthur D looked sharp and strong at the back to make sure that the RGS attack found it difficult to get past our defence. Tobias E-H was at the base of all our attacks, finding the perfect time to feed the ball through to our strikers to lead to a number of goals. James D really impressed in this fixture getting himself on the scoresheet with 5 goals! He showed true composure in front of goal and the skill to slot the ball past the goalkeeper. Luca played extremely well down the left wing and put some great crosses into the opponent box. Well done to all the boys involved!

U10/11 B v RGS Springfield

A brilliant match played in an excellent spirit, from both sides, saw KSA win 0-2 against RGS Springfield. Jayden scored both goals and ably supported by all his team. Henry and Marcus both played their best games that Mr Benham could remember them doing. George and Benedict were tenacious in midfield, plus Yousrey and Jinc solid in defence and Goal.

Another brilliant Sports Round-Up – well done boys!

Girls Netball

U11 A v Winterfold

The girls had a great afternoon of netball against Winterfold on Wednesday. They worked hard to pass in front of the player and performed some good dodging moves, all of which we have practised in lessons. Ava was awarded player of the match for her never ending effort and great interceptions and Martha’s ability was commented on by their member of staff. Winterfold were stronger and we didn’t win however, we did pull it back on the 3rd quarter and won that quarter. Moving forward we need to work on staying closer to our player when marking and making more accurate passing. Well done!

U10 A  v Winterfold

This was an exciting game to watch with the teams being very even and the ball going from end to end. We have recently been working on our marking skills and trying to stay tight to your player. This was done well by all the girls and I was particularly impressed with the number of interceptions Pari made as GK in the circle. They played some very pleasing netball in the middle of the court linking some quick passes up the court. Anna show how dynamic she is with some excellent jumps for the ball and Amelia displayed some clever movement in the D to get herself in to some good shooting positions. Great play by all!

U10/11 v Winterfold

In the first two quarters of this game the girls worked hard and at half time the score stood at 2-2. I set them a target to keep their marking tight and to understand how to respond when they lost possession. By the end of the second quarter they were starting to do this well. Maheen also made some good interceptions of the ball being passed into the D. Izzy and Melissa worked hard together to get into space to keep the ball moving down the court. Considering they haven’t really played together as a team before I was very pleased with their performance.