King's St Alban's

25 October

Languages Day 2018

KSA was buzzing with a variety of languages and cultures on Friday 19th Friday. Colourful world flags decorated the school and children wore an assortment of vibrant costumes. Year 5 enjoyed Flamenco dancing in the chapel, exploring Japanese phrases along with origami, and extending their chopstick skills. Whilst Year 3 enjoyed an introduction to German and Latin via the magical world of Harry Potter. Sign language was a particular highlight for year 4 children and some brave KSW fifth form pupils played some fun Spanish bingo. Pre-Prep loved Italian, German and French singing along with some French PE and sign language. Year 6 discovered German, Spanish, Paris landmarks and once again, advanced their chop stick skills whilst exploring Mandarin number sequences. Many delicious tasty treats were on offer during the language sessions and a food treasure hunt proved popular (or certainly wet the appetite?) at lunchtime. The day had a certain joie de vivre and the break time croissants were délicieux!