King's St Alban's

22 May

Lockdown Real Life Art

The KSA weekly challenges have proved very popular during lockdown. They offer a sense of fun and enrichment alongside our busy remote learning package. Mrs Cain inspired the KSA community to recreate some real life art at home; naturally pupils, parents and teachers rose to the challenge!

The KSA real life representations range from portraits of Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Admiral Lord Nelson and Henry VIII to more modern Covid-19 inspired Banksy art work. All of the weekly challenges require a growth mind and as you can see the range of art work encapsulates the enthusiasm and warmth across the school.

Sibling teamwork, creativity and pride shines through; a nerf gun cigarette, a laundry basket transformed into a boat and a scooter representing a horse! Mrs Cain congratulated everyone who took part; “I am really impressed by the variety of creativity from families, plus it really looks like they had a lot of fun too!”

We look forward to seeing more innovation in Mr Chapman’s next challenge – to recreate a national flag using food.

King's St Alban's_Artwork Challenge3

King's St Alban's_Artwork Challenge1

King's St Alban's_Artwork Challenge4