King's St Alban's

18 November

Magician conjures an elephant!!

Pupils in Year 4 through to Year 6 were transported to a land far, far away. Boarding the buses on Thursday afternoon, pupils travelled to The Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon, where the well-trodden boards are alive once more.

There was huge excitement and anticipation as pupils arrived at the theatre to see a spectacular brand-new musical for children, ‘The Magician’s Elephant’. An adaptation from Kate DiCamillo’s prize-winning novel, the musical is directed by Sarah Tipple and designed by Colin Richmond.

Set in a town where nothing extraordinary ever happens, the audience follows lead character Peter’s emotional journey. Having lived a harsh life, Peter was catapulted into the quest of his life to find his sister, changing everything he ever knew before discovering happiness can be found in the most unlikely places.

Our pupils were mesmerised by first class drama, glamorous costumes, spellbinding singing and carefully co-ordinated choreography. The characters captured the imagination of each and every one of our pupils and delivered a strong message. Sensitive themes of family, survival, truth, forgiveness, bravery and the importance of having hopes and dreams were delivered with theatrical flair.

During the interval, pupils were treated to an all-important ‘ice-cream’ ,which was met with much delight as you would imagine. It is surprising they managed to eat them given all the excited chatter and plot predictions taking place – it would appear that we have several budding playwrights!

As the outstanding cast took their final bows there was no doubt that our pupils were left with magical musical memories, where anything can happen, so follow the elephant! It was an absolute pleasure to visit the Royal Shakespeare Company with such an impressive set and revolving stage. The puppetry of the enormous elephant delivered such authentic movements. A Year 4 pupil said, “Simply amazing!  The elephant was my favourite character – it was as if there was a massive elephant right there on the stage, alive in front of me!”

Throughout the trip pupils were impeccably behaved, a true testament to themselves but also a credit to the school.