King's Worcester

22 May

Maisie runs miles for Mind!

Maisie is an aspiring athlete, part of the Athlete Development Programme at school and member of the King’s Severn Stars Player Pathway, with an aspiration to play netball professionally.

As lockdown set in and her normal training ended, she decided she wanted to set herself a challenge not only to maintain her physical fitness but also to fundraise for charity. She became interested in the impact of the lockdown on mental well-being as the rollercoaster of emotions seemed to affect everyone and so Mind seemed a great charity to support. She decided she would run 100 miles in May before her 14th birthday at the end of the month.

Maisie has so far run 70 miles and raised £850 (at time of writing this post!) This is the link to her JustGiving page.

Maisie said, ‘This has been an incredible challenge for me both physically and mentally. Physically, I’ve lost toenails and suffered from knee pain, enough to make me cry. Mentally, I’ve had to motivate myself to continue even when it’s been rainy or cold outside or my body ached. But no matter what, I’ve been determined to complete the challenge knowing there are people experiencing poor mental health that need my support.’

‘I am so grateful to my family for their support and for everyone who has donated in support of my challenge and to Mind. I have 30 miles left to complete the challenge and am determined to finish by the end of the month, then on to the next challenge!’