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12 November

Meet up in Morocco

We love to hear from OVs so it was fantastic when OVs Toby Moody (K 80-91) and Tim Bradshaw (Ch 84-94) contacted us, having found themselves meeting up for the first time in 30 years, in Morocco!

Tim has recently started his push towards completing the Dakar Rally in 2023 by competing in the Rallye Du Maroc, one of the harder championship Rally Raids that lead up to the ultra-difficult Dakar, which will take place in Saudi Arabia. Getting on board his KTM, he and Vanessa Ruck set off to conquer 1100 miles of timed stages against the clock plus another 650 miles of road sections between each stage over the five days. It is unbelievably hard going as, against the clock, they are having to keep to a certain route, read the roadblock on the dash, not fall off, endure boiling hot weather, and hit the way points all at the same time.

Meet up in Morocco Tim Bradshaw

Coincidentally OV Toby was working on the rally too, commentating on the daily TV highlights that were sent worldwide. Tim’s Mum Janice used to teach Toby Physics at King’s so it really was a small world moment after 30 years to come full circle again with Tim; he has always had extreme sports and targets in the forefront of his mind after conquering the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and so nearly getting to the top of Everest, were it not for the earthquake in 2014.

Meet up in Morocco Toby Moody and Tim Bradshaw

Here is a short video clip from when Toby and Tim met at the Rallye du Maroc! Note: although it is via Twitter, you don’t need a Twitter account to be able to view it.

Toby himself is no stranger to the Dakar Rally, having provided the voice-over for the stunning daily footage from this year’s event in January. You can read more about that adventure here.