King's Worcester

5 February

MFL Media Day

¡Hola! Bonjour and Guten Tag! The annual MFL media day, held on the 3rd February 2020, was once again an educational success. All linguists from Upper and Lower Sixth took part in a day fully immersed in their chosen language subject. All pupils came in wearing the colours of their language’s country or even wore the country’s flag around their body like a patriotic cape. We even had two Lower Sixth girls who made a huge effort by coming in wearing Dirndls (traditional German dress for women).

The day was structured by an eventful programme. This year’s MFL Media Day theme revolved around news broadcasting, whereby everyone had to work in groups to put together radio bulletins, a newspaper and even their own news channel. Particularly for the Lower Sixth, this really allowed them to gain more experience in their language as well as helping the Upper Sixth refresh their memories on topics in preparation for their upcoming exams.

Not only were they involved by speaking another language the entire day, all involved even got to eat a traditional dish from each country (although unfortunately this year there was no Wiener Schnitzel).  The lovely kitchen staff put on an array of multicultural food, from Croissants, Sauerkraut, Paella, Coq au vin, Frankfurter Würstchen and to top it all off a very creamy Crème Brûlée – a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together, eat and to relax after an intense morning of hard work. By lunchtime, everyone had become so used to speaking another language that it came naturally which is one of the many benefits of MFL media day.

As the day came to an end, brains were hurting and everyone felt tired as it is not every day that students spend the entire time not using their native tongue, a challenge that was gratefully accepted by all.

Overall, everyone including staff would agree how enjoyable, beneficial and stretching the day was. Those of you who are considering taking a language for A level next year, MFL day will really boost your confidence as well as provide a day of fun and variety.

Words by Jessica Tudor (L6)