King's St Alban's

24 September

Mindfulness Ambassadors appointed.

Mindfulness has always been an important subject at King’s St Alban’s.

Having already delivered the Paws.b curriculum, a very well-designed mindfulness programme, to pupils in our Year 5 cohort, we are delighted that the programme will be extended to Year 3 pupils later this academic year. Through the programme, children learn valuable breathing techniques, which can help them to improve focus and concentration whilst also lowering stress and anxiety.

Working to the guidelines provided through the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), a national charity for young people and schools, Mrs Lewis leads all of the mindfulness initiatives at King’s St Alban’s. Mindfulness activities are rich and diverse, ranging from mindful colouring to relaxing yoga and ‘wake up and stretch’ sessions.

For the past two years our Year 5 pupils have started their morning lessons with meditation.  To make this easier and give more ownership to the children, we have decided to recruit Mindful Ambassadors from all classes in the Prep School. They will have the role of making sure the class do at least five minutes of meditation per day and they will run the sessions in their individual classrooms. Each ambassador is equipped with a script, an egg timer to time the sessions and a triangle to signal the beginning and end of the breathing practice.

This week, ten Year 6 children completed their Mindful Ambassadors training. They ran through the scripts and practised on each other. Next week they will ‘go live’ in their classrooms, something that they are really excited about. One girl said that she wants to push herself out of her comfort zone and speaking in front of the class will help her achieve this.