King's St Alban's

5 October

National Poetry Day

On Thursday 4th October, a number of classes in the junior school took part in the BBC’s Live Lesson for National Poetry Day. This year’s theme was Change and the lesson’s focus was on Autumn.

The children in 3E enjoyed exploring similes, metaphors and alliteration and performing poems together. It was especially fun to use our faces to express feelings and discover the joys of onomatopoeia!

3E wrote their own lines of poetry during the session. Here are a few:

Tall trees twirling together.

An autumn leaf is caramel chocolate.

The leaves fell from the trees as softly as a feather falls from a bird.

An autumn leaf is a flaming fire.

The leaves fell from the trees like wobbly teeth.

One freezing, frosty day, flakes fell.