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18 September

Not one but two University Prizes for OV

Sam Ness OVMany congratulations to OV Sam Ness (W 12-19) who has had a fantastic first year at University and received not one but two prizes!

Sam studied Spanish and French A levels at King’s, and went to King’s College London last September to study for a Joint Honours Degree in French and Spanish.  He has just heard that he has been awarded two prizes at the end of his first year. The first is the Henry Neville Gladstone Exhibition (SPLAS) which is for the student achieving the highest overall mark in the first year.  The second is the Baroness Von Schlippenbach Prize (First and Second year) which is awarded by the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies to four students in the first and second years for best performance during the course of the year, including in examinations.

Sam says, “These awards came as a complete surprise at the end of a very busy but exciting first year. Despite the challenges for everyone that have come as a result of Covid (online lectures and seminars, and taking exams from home), I’ve really enjoyed continuing to study languages and culture, which is what I most loved doing at King’s. Living and studying in Central London, though slightly different to being in Worcester, has given me lots of opportunities to think about what might come after University and I’m excited to be starting the second year doing something I find really interesting and relevant.”

Congratulations Sam- we are so proud of your achievements and all the best for your second year.