King's St Alban's

11 November

Nursery: Pupils are out of this world!

The Nursery at King’s St Alban’s have spent the week embracing this half term’s topic of space and night time. The children greatly enjoyed listening to “Aliens Love Underpants” by Claire Freedman. Later in the day, they loved getting a little messy making delicious chocolate Breadstick Sparklers before devouring alien crackers for a healthy snack.

The children showed great enthusiasm for playing our listening game. Listening intently to the sound box, to see if we could guess what was inside, everyone worked hard using their listening ears!

During our French lessons our budding linguists have been practising colours with impressive results. Meanwhile the cygnets put their creative skills to the test, using their own hand prints to create a stunning poppy wreath in celebration of Remembrance Day.

There was huge excitement in Forest School when the children warmed their hands by the fire and made marshmallow biscuits, ‘smores’, which really warmed their tummies up. Everyone was extremely sensible and listened carefully to the Forest School rules about keeping safe when the fire is lit. The children had collected the wood the week before for Miss Cartwright. She was extremely pleased as it was a bit soggy in the forest this week!

In PE, the children thought about lots of different ways to travel before transforming themselves into spacemen, running fast when they were their rockets and slowly when they had landed on the moon!

It is safe to say that our nursery pupils have had a week which has been out of this world!