King's St Alban's

30 September

‘Once upon a Time’ in Year 1…

Over the last few weeks, the children in Year 1 have really embraced their topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ in all of their learning!

During Creative writing sessions the children have made some fantastic wanted posters about the Big Bad Wolf and upon reading ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ the children wrote sorry letters from the Wolf, explaining his behaviour was due to a bad cold and that he had accidentally sneezed the little pigs’ houses down! This week we have continued our ‘Once Upon a Time’ theme and moved on to the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, where the children had fun acting out the story in the playground and developed their understanding of adjectives by drawing and describing their own trolls.

In our maths lessons this week the children have focused on measuring length and height using both non-standard and standard units. The children developed their estimating skills by estimating the length and height of various fairy-tale objects such as Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage and the tallest tower on the castle. They then measured items in the classroom using various non-standard units such as paperclips, cubes, their handspans and footsteps, before learning how to measure in centimetres accurately using a ruler.

During our topic lessons the children have been developing their understanding of maps. We had fun exploring the school grounds, identifying key locations on a map and learning whether they were physical or human features.

Our science work this half term has focused on ‘Everyday Materials’. The children have become much more confident in identifying different materials around the classroom and school site. This week the children enjoyed discussing objects made from unsuitable materials such as a cup made from newspaper or, in the case of the three little pigs, a house made from straw. They were able to explain why these materials were unsuitable, referring to their properties, and offer a suitable alternative.

Art lessons have been a highlight for the children each week. They have created their own fantastic Big Bad Wolf collages and, after hearing the story of Chicken Licken, the children worked with focus to create colourful, pop art style acorn pictures using oil pastels.

Well done, Year 1, for your super enthusiasm and hard work!