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24 January

Our newest OV Professions Group- Property

With Finance, Law and Marketing already up and running, on Thursday 16th January we were delighted to host the first of our new OV Professions Groups for individuals working in the Property sector. We met at the Hoxton Hotel, Holborn for a fun and relaxed evening where OVs with similar professional interests could meet and share experiences. We were delighted to be joined by Toby Platt (K12-19), David Leppard (H 63-73), Henry Fellows (K 95-04), Ben Grinnall (W 82-93), Tim Pain (Ch 76-82), Leanne Sheen (W 99-06),  Nick Fairlie (H 72-77), Henry Waltier (W 03-08), Laurence Tonks (S 09-16), Giles Bunker (W 10-17) and Tom Bidwell (Cr 09-16).

The hotel was heaving and in spite of the enthusiastic DJ’ing in the lobby, conversations flowed. It was lovely to hear so many memories of King’s and to see so many OVs connect who had not known each other before. It was also fascinating to hear the diverse routes and paths the OVs have taken in their professional journeys. We look forward to continuing these groups in the future and to hosting the Marketing group on 13th February. For more information, email .

OV Professions Property Jan 2020

OV Professions Property Jan 2020 2