Our Supporters

Our Supporters

We are enormously grateful to all our donors who have given to The King’s School Worcester Development Trust. In the past, our donors have enabled us to support pupil bursaries as well as various building projects.  Thanks to our historic site and careful development plans, as well as the generosity of many members of the King’s family, we are blessed with beautiful buildings and well-equipped facilities. 

We believe it is only right that we offer wider access to our school and our focus now on growing the number of bursary places at King’s underpins our belief that a child’s success in life should be determined by hard work and ability, rather than by their background.

Since the start of our Bursary Campaign, we are grateful for support from:

Friends of the School

Mrs A Bishop
Mrs V Comyn​​
Ms T Constantinidou
Col H Cunningham
Mrs B Jelinek
Mr P Scoular
Mr T Wolf

OVs   (by year)


Mr E J Davies S 1910-1912


Mr M I Blake Cr 1942-1945

Mr G W T Bishop Dayboys 1940-1946

Dr T G Lunt Cl 1946

Mr G L S Rankin Ca 1942-1946

Dr D L Frape Ca 1944-1947

Mr J C Rose S 1943-1948

Mr R A Franklin Cl 1943-1949


Mr J P B Lee Cl 1944-1950

Mr A Nisbet S 1945-1950

Mr S Allsopp Ca 1946-1951

Dr G E J Beckmann S 1949-1951

Mr J N Bulman OBE Cl 1944-1951

Mr E Dodsworth Cr 1943-1952

Mr M C Joyner Cr 1944-1952

Mr C Rigg Cl 1944-1952

Mr D R Mills H 1944-1953

Mr M W Hartley Dayboys 1948-1954

Mr L D Jones Ch 1947-1954

Mr E Rippier Cr 1947-1954

Mr M J Senter, MA OBE Cr 1946-1954

Mr G Bennett Cl 1950-1955

Dr P J Bulman Cl 1948-1955

Mr A R Hunt S 1944-1955

Mr J P B Lee Cl 1944-1955

Mr R F J Spier S 1945-1955

Mr D C Daniels Cr 1951-1956

Mr E L Daniels Cr 1946-1956

Mr T E A Mackie Cl 1947-1956

Mr R W Powell Cl 1949-1956

Mr C J Davis Cr 1954-1957

Dr H Meadows Dayboys 1954-1957

Mr L Stimson H 1954-1957

Mr A J Tinkel Dayboys 1948-1957

Mr D Head Cl 1952-1958

Mr B E Jones S 1949-1958

Mr M J Potter Cr 1951-1958

Mr J L Potter Cr 1951-1958

Mr C Reynaud S 1952-1958

Mr P F Platt Dayboys 1952-1959

Mr D A C Williams Ca 1956-1959


Mr P D Bannister Cr 1951-1960

Mr R A Hall Ch 1952-1960

Mr D J Hook Cl 1949-1960

Mr A C Jackson Ca 1952-1960

Mr A M Kemp Cr 1953-1960

Mr D A Sheffer Ca 1955-1960

Mr B J Smith Ch 1952-1960

Mr I J C Smith Ch 1952-1960

Mr D Williams Ca 1956-1960

Mr C J W Allen Cr 1953-1961

Mr M R Ashmore Cl 1952-1961

Mr D S Baker Cr 1953-1961

HH Nicholas Chambers QC S 1957-1961

Professor A J Culyer CBE Cl 1957-1961

Mr D T Howell S 1953-1961

Mr J D Langdon H 1952-1961

Mr C Slater S 1956-1961

Mr D G Wright Cr 1954-1961

Mr C H Fyson S 1959-1962

Prof R A Houlbrooke Ca 1957-1962

Mr D H Morris S 1952-1962

Mr J L Potter Cl 1955-1962

Mr D M Robertson Ca 1958-1962

Professor N Boyle Cr 1954-1963

Mr C E Cartwright Ch 1958-1963

Dr P Grout Ch 1954-1963

Dr G H Harper Cl 1960-1963

Mr G L Marchant OBE W 1953-1963

Mr D J Shrimpton Br 1955-1963

Revd M Loveless Cr 1954-1964

Mr and Mrs D Seabright W 1955-1964

Mr C J Tarrant Ch 1960-1964

His Honour C Hodson S 1955-1965

Mr P W McIntosh W 1956-1965

Mr M J Page Cr 1960-1965

Mr S R Coulter S 1957-1966

Mr P S G Durrant Ch 1956-1966

Mr R A Fry Br 1960-1967

Mr J H Stephen Cl 1960-1967

Mr J Grant H 1963-1968

Mr K Robinson S 1962-1968

Mr D F Scrimshaw W 1963-1968

Mr P J Cummin Ch 1960-1969

Dr R M J Palmer S 1963-1969

Mr A E Reekes Ch 1964-1969

Mr A Sadler Br 1959-1969

Mr P S Smith H 1964-1969

Mr S Webb H 1960-1969

Mr J P Weston S 1962-1969


Dr S M Darlington Cl 1960-1970

Mr M G Davenport Ca 1965-1970

Mr S M Dimmick Ca 1960-1970

Mr A Millington Cr 1968-1970

Mr C J Pickford S 1965-1970

The Right Hon Sir Stephen Tomlinson H 1963-1970

Dr P C Hassan H 1966-1971

Mr M St J Pimley and Mrs K Pimley H 1961-1971

Mr J J Snewin Cl 1964-1971

Mr P A Congrave Br 1962-1972

Mr P R J Hardyman Cl 1965-1972

Mr J Thake Cr 1965-1972

Mr R E J Weaver Br 1962-1972

Mr J Tyson Ca 1972-1974

Dr K Asthana Cl 1968-1975

Mr S M Bagnall Br 1968-1975

Mr M K J Hardyman Cl 1968-1975

Mr R J W James W 1969-1976

Mr J R Slater S 1970-1976

Mr P Burgoyne Cr 1972-1977

Mr C T O'Donnell Cl 1970-1977

Mr M J Annable Cl 1968-1978

Mr J C Davies S 1974-1978

Mr I J C Smith Cr 1973-1978

Mr T C Lucas S 1972-1979

Mr R F Subiotto Ca 1974-1979


Mr E W Jelinek Ch 1978-1980

Mr J M Spicer W 1973-1980

Mrs K L Brooks Co 1979-1981

Mr J P C Sitch Ch 1979-1981

Mr D S Jackson Cl 1980-1982

Mr R S McClatchey H 1978-1983

Mrs K Phillips Co 1981-1983

Mrs E J Elliott Co 1982-1984

Dr A R Green W 1978-1985

Mr T J Fawbert K 1979-1986

Mr S Jevons Ch 1979-1986

Mrs J Annable Co 1985-1987 

Mrs S C Dereham Co 1985-1987

Mr J Gordon-Cumming W 1976-1987

Mr A W Underwood S 1977-1987

Mr C Annable Cl 1978-1988

Mr M D Haworth Cl 1981-1988


Dr C J J Preston W 1983-1992

Mr B J Borchardt Cl 1983-1993

Mr D W Gibbs W 1986-1993

Mr S Perera Cr 1986-1993

Mr M W Checketts W 1989-1994

Mr J R Fawcett Br 1985-1994

Mr N J Briggs W 1990-1995

Mr A S Kazerooni Ch 1991-1996

Mr C T Nelson Cr 1989-1996

Mrs L Collins Cl 1995-1997

Mr B Rolle-Rowan S 1993-1998

Dr T E Wall  Cr 1989-1999

Current and Former Parents

Dr M Ahmed​

Ms K Andrew

Dr E Armstrong

Mr R Ashton

Mrs J Best

Mrs K Bishop

Mrs D Brooks

Mr J Burbeck

Mrs K Burgoyne

Mr D Byatt

Mr M Cartwright

Mr D Chiu

Miss D Clayton

Mrs A Cockrell

Mrs L Colebourne

Mr B Coleman

Dr C Constantine

Mrs L Cowley

Mr and Mrs J R A Crabtree

Mrs S Crampton

Mrs H Cronin

Mrs M Cross

Mrs S Crowte

Ms C Daley

Mrs S Emsley

Mr F Evans

Ms L Frisby

Mr P Galvin

Ms A Garside

Mrs J Ghattan

Mrs K Goodall

Mrs W Gwilliam

Mr C Hale

Mr and Dr A Harrison

Mr M Hartshorne

Mr I Harvey

Mrs K Hood

Mr and Mrs P Horáček

Mrs L Hudson

Mrs C Jackson

Mr and Mrs P Jackson

Mrs K James

Mrs T James

Mrs H Jarvie

Mrs J Jarvis

Mr C Johnson

Mr C D Jury

Mrs E Kelly

Mr I Kemp

Mrs S Kimberley

Mrs K Litton

Mr A Lloyd

Mr T Lloyd

Mr K Lowe

Mrs A Madden

Mr R Maguire

Mr P Maley

Mrs A Marles

Mr & Mrs A Martyn-Smith

Miss S Mason

Mr A Mathewson

Mrs D McCarthy

Mrs S McGill

Ms J Mills

Mrs A Minor

Mrs L Monce

Mr G Moore

Mrs H Moorhouse

Mr I Morrison

Mrs E Oliver

Dr P O’Hickey

Mrs F Osborne

Mrs A Osmond

Mrs T Overfield

Mr C R Palmer

Ms P Pascolutti

Mr and Mrs A Peckston

​Mr G Pollard

Mr M C Pountney

Mr G Power

Miss J Read

Mr T Reed

Ms A Reeves

Mrs C Richards

Mr R Richardson

Mr P Rigby

Mrs M Roberts

Miss A Rowberry

Mr J Rowling

Mrs H Sandels

Mrs J Shute

Mrs J Sitch

Mrs H Smalley

Mr J Smalley

Mrs J Smith

Mrs V Smith

Mrs J Stanley-Blakey

Mr L Stigant

Mr N Stringer

Mrs C Taylor

Mr R Thatcher

Mrs E Thickett

Mr G Titmuss

Mrs G Tolley

Mr P Vella

Mr M Wain

Mr and Mrs P Walker

Mrs K Watkins

Mr M Weaver

Mrs L Welburn

Mrs D Williams

Mr S Wilson and Ms M C Blinman

Mr M Wynne

Mrs J Yarnold

Current and former staff

Mrs H C Airdrie
Mr M G Armstrong
Mr N Blakemore
Mrs S Borrillo-McLellan
Mrs H Chapman
Mr I Cunningham-Martin
Mrs C Furber
Mr S Gilbert
Mr J Martin
Mr and Mrs R P Mason
Mr S J Osmond
Mrs D Salkeld
Mrs J Stenson
Mrs P Stevens
Mrs S Toland
Mr G Ward

1541 Society

The 1541 Society recognises those who have made a legacy pledge or contributed in a major way to King’s. We would like to acknowledge these people below and thank them for their support.

Mr C J W Allen

Mr N F G Andrews

Mr M G Armstrong

Mr R M Atkins

Mr A Baker

Mrs N Baker

Dr W J Baker

Mrs P Bannister

Mr P D Bannister

Mrs C S Bawden

Prof N D S Bax PhD, MBBS, FRCP

Mrs K Beever

Mrs J Best

Prof N Boyle

Dr D R W Bryer CMG

Mr K B Carnegie

Mr H B Carslake

Mrs F K Chacksfield

Mr M R Chand

Mr A J Clayton

Professor G L Claxton

Mr N Cleobury

Mr J A Comyn

Mrs V Comyn

Mr L D Connell

Mr S C B Cooper

Mrs L J Crow

Mr D B Dale

Dr A R Donovan

Mr S J Doughty CMG

Mr K Duddy

Mr M R Dudley

Mr T Dupernex

Mr P N Durkin

Prof A D Edwards

Mrs L C Edwards

The Rt Hon Lord Justice Flaux

Mr R A Franklin

Mr N C Garland

Dr M F Goldstein

The Rev Canon M Gretason

Mrs G Halford

Mr T W Halford

Mrs T Harley

Mr G A Harris

Mr D Head

Mr T D R Hickson

Mr F Hira

Miss P Hope

Mr M D Haworth

Mr D T Howell

Mr H E Howell

Mr S A Jack

Mr D W Jelinek

Mr S Jevons

Mr P Jillard

Mr R D Jones

Mr C Jury

Mr E T Kemp

Mrs M Keyes

Mr T H Keyes

Mr T E A Mackie

Mr L Matthews

Mr R S McClatchey

Dr B Merlin

Mr D R Mills

Mr H J Morris

The Hon. Lady Morrison

Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy

Mr L J W Narraway

Mr J A J Palmer

Mr J Panter

Mr M St J Pimley

Mr S Pitt

Mr J H Points

Mr J L Potter

Mr M J Potter

Mrs E Pountney

Mr M Pountney

Mrs P Preston

Mr Z J N Purchase-Hill MBE

Mr A E Reekes

Mr S J Rimmer

Mr D M Robertson

Mr J C Rose

Mr H Scurfield

Mr D Seabright

Mr M J Senter, MA OBE

Miss L M Sheen

Mr D A Sheffer

Miss H R Simmonds

Mr I J C Smith

Mr P S Smith

Mr S Smith

Mr R F J Spier

Mrs P Stevens

Mrs J S Stevenson

Mr R F Subiotto

Mr R Thorn

Mr N C Tithecott

Mr G Titmuss

The Right Hon Sir Stephen Tomlinson

Mr D G H Townsend

Mr A W Underwood

Mr P Vaughan

Mr L G Wadley

Mrs C L Watson

Mr S Webb

Col Richard Westley

Mr J P Weston

Mr R J Wilkes

A number of our donors have asked to remain anonymous