King's Hawford

19 November

Outer space topic for Year 2

Our Year 2 children have loved learning more about outer space since returning to King’s Hawford after half term. Thanks to innovative technology, all our children have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in space travel and learn more about the solar system and the wider galaxy.

We’ll be learning all about space travel, the different planets and the solar system this term. So far, our children have loved using the Apollo Moon app on their tablets. The technology, which was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, provides and augmented reality (AR) experience that puts the user right in the heart of the action of NASA’s space missions of the 1960s. Our children have been able to get an out-of-this-world close-up experience of the surface of the moon. 

Our children even took selfies using the app which looks like they’re travelling on the moon, wearing an authentic Apollo 11 spacesuit. Seeing just what our class would look like in outer space was a brilliant way to transport ourselves from the classroom and inspire our children to learn more about space. We’ve also been using the app to learn new facts about the various space missions.

We’ve bolstered the children’s learning by using a second app called Busy Things which has allowed them to label the solar system and design their own rockets. We want our children to feel as much as real-life astronauts and explorers as possible during this topic, and this technology has allowed us to do just that.

We’ve also carried the outer space theme to English and have been reading Man on the Moon by Simon Bertram. Our children even enjoyed a surprise visit from Bob himself! We’ll be carrying on our theme of outer space for the rest of the term and can’t wait to see what else our children get up to.