King's Hawford

12 December

Outstanding Early Years Nativity

King’s Hawford’s Early Years Nativity, titled ‘Simply Nativity’ took place on Thursday 5th December in The Bartholomew Barn. The children of Kindergarten 2 and Reception performed to a full audience of family and friends and left everyone impressed by the standard that children of 3-5 years old can achieve.

Six Reception children took on the challenge of learning many lines in order to narrate the entire performance. No small feat for children of this age, but all six stunned the audience with the volume and clarity with which they delivered their lines and told the traditional story. Mary and Joseph were well supported by the three wise men and the two little shepherds, as well as two angels who of course delivered the very special news. Our innkeepers were quick to turn the travellers away, but managed to find room in their stable for the special birth of Jesus. All of these little actors and actresses got into character and threw themselves into the entire performance.

The Kindergarten children were superb dancers, as the shepherds performed to “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by The Proclaimers and the stars to “Shine” by Take That. Both Kindergarten and Reception managed to learn a total of 11 songs, all of which they learnt sign language for, which really added to their performance.

‘Simply Nativity’ was a wonderful reminder of how special this time of year is for young children and helped all of us at King’s Hawford to think about the true meaning of Christmas.