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8 July

OVs Assisting Students with Careers Advice

One of the strengths of King’s is the fantastic and generous OV community. This term the current Sixth Formers have witnessed this generosity by means of the wealth of connections made with OVs, who have been able to assist with advice and the sharing of their work experiences with so many of our current pupils. Some 27 pupils have approached the Development & Alumni Relations team this term, with requests for information from our OV community about a huge range of careers, and 50 OVs have offered their advice and guidance in return. The enthusiasm of these OVs in responding to such requests has been overwhelming and is a sign of the strength of the OV family and the fondness with which they remember their own time spent at King’s. In putting pupils in touch with OVs, we follow a strict procedure to ensure that we adhere to safeguarding principles for our pupils, with parents, form tutors and Josh Hand (Cl 91-01), Head of Sixth Form, being copied into all correspondence and present in any in-person meetings with the OVs.

OV Careers advice Sophie Edgar-Andrews

Many of the pupils assisted have expressed their gratitude and their parents also have shared their thanks with us; one mother told us, “[This OV contact is] very impressive. It would be amazing for [my daughter] to speak to him. She has received some very positive replies from the other OVs. Thanks again for your help.” Another parent said, “Thank you so much for this information; it will be really useful for [my daughter] to contact Michael and Sebastian and to network with them. Thank you so much for passing this information on.” And yet another, “Thank you very much for the OV contacts. I’m sure they will prove invaluable to [my son], and hopefully help him gain a place at university next year. We are very grateful for all your help.”

Elizabeth Shepherd (Hon OV), Lower Sixth Form Tutor for Kittermaster, was especially impressed with the correspondence via one of our OV connections, saying, “Let me say how interesting your email to [our pupil] is! There’s so much in here…I’ll certainly be discussing it with [the pupil] and I know she will get an awful lot from everything you have mentioned.”

The Sixth Formers – as well as a couple of young OVs seeking career advice – who have been involved in this process have been impressed by the willingness shown by the OVs in sharing their own time and expertise with them, especially as they embark on their own university and career journeys. Advice has been given in careers ranging from Law, Politics, Psychology, Architecture, Chemistry, Finance, Veterinary Science, the Construction industry to Engineering, Conservation & Ecology, the Hospitality industry, Computer Science, Music Production, Medicine and The Arts.

OV Careers advice Charlie Mackintosh

We would like to extend our huge gratitude to the following OVs, who have given so willingly of their time, sharing words of wisdom and genuine advice to the pupils: Tom Yates (W 99-06), Penny Ashmore (Cl 14-16), Imogen Schofield (Ch 01-08), Emma Smalley (W 12-19), Anthony Lock (W 05-11), Emma Tanser (Br 12-14), Clare (Os 91-98) & Jon Turner (W 87-98), Leanne Sheen (W 99-06), Tim Summers (Br 87-92), Josh Wickens (Os 04-11), Daisy Bendall (Cr 06-13), Archie Jury (K 12-19), Ollie Wild (Ch 10-17), Jon Preston (Cl 02-09), Piers Harris (S 00-07), Alice Walter (Br 99-07), Luke Lupton (Cl 07-09), James Larkin (S 74-81), Jess Crichard (Cl 15-20), Julian Slater (S 70-76), Amber Morgan (W 02-09), Helen Jubb (Cl 09-16), Ellen Reakes-Williams (S 14-16), Michael Bussey (S 15-20), Alexander Bower (S 13-20), Kirsten Campbell-Ferguson (Ca 12-19), Sebastian Bower (W 11-18), Ben Alexander (Ch 06-13), Lizzy Bennett (Ch 08-10), Lucy Macaulay (Ch 16-18), Josie Armstrong (Ch 14-21), Richard Bacon MP (Br 70-80), Jabba Riaz (Br 91-96), Sir Ashley Fox (K 80-87), Louis Stephen (Br 80-85), Charlie Mackintosh (Cr 13-20), Corah Lewis (Ch 07-14), Sophie Edgar-Andrews (S 03-08), John Harper (Ch 04-09), James Martyn-Smith (Cl 04-09), Ed Pearce (Ch 92-03), Nick Vaughan (Os 84-91), Will Smith (Br 93-04), Paul Renney (Cr 78-80), Natasja Enthoven (W 14-19), Howard Stanton (S 84-91), Ed Brew (Br 01-08), Adrian Palmer (Br 77-86), Peter Buston (W 80-90), James Simpson (K 09-16) and Lawson Higgins (K 83-91).

OV Careers advice Emma Smalley