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27 May

OV Back for Biology Lessons

On Monday 16 May 2022 we welcomed OV Kevin Mannion (Cl 67-77) back to King’s.

With Alumni Relations Co-ordinator, Amanda Sutcliffe by his side, Kevin enjoyed a full tour of the School, although College Hall was closed to visitors due to exams. As Kevin re-traced his steps from his own time at School, and enjoyed seeing the new buildings too, he took the opportunity to speak with staff in the different blocks, gleaning a greater understanding of King’s today. This included Dr Mark Poole (Hon OV), who was practicing revision techniques with his Lower Sixth Chemistry set; Chris Wilson (Hon OV) encouraging his Lower Remove DT class to learn from their mistakes and the Upper Sixth artists and Christopher Haywood (Hon OV) in the Art department, which Kevin had not seen before.

When at School, Kevin’s house, Chappel, had been in the ‘New Block’: the Annett Building. This is now home to the Maths department, and Kevin had a lovely chat with Maths teacher Graham Ward, whose classroom is where Kevin’s common room had been.

Head of Geography, Simon Cuthbertson (Hon OV), spent some time with Kevin discussing how the School has evolved whilst retaining the important King’s values and family-feel that both current pupils and OVs cherish.

Music had played an important part in Kevin’s time at School, so he was delighted to have the opportunity to see the Music School, in Castle House, and have a few moments with Assistant Director of Music, Christopher Allsop (Hon OV).

OV Kevin Mannion Nicki Essenhigh

The penultimate stop of the tour was the Biology Block. A retired Biology teacher, Kevin was thrilled to join Nicki Essenhigh’s (Co 84-86) Upper Sixth Biology class. Nicki, herself an OV, was reviewing topics and preparing her Upper Sixth group for study leave later that week. Kevin spent some time with the students, talking about their future plans, and was also very impressed with their Biology knowledge.

The most special part of the visit, though, was the King’s Archives, with archivist Harriet Patrick (Hon OV). Not only had Harriet found some photos of Kevin’s time at School but also some reports for Kevin’s late father, Anthony Mannion (Cl 41-48). This really was a step back in time for Kevin and very poignant to have such an insight into his father’s time at School.

OV Kevin Mannion Harriet Patrick

While in Worcester, Kevin took the opportunity to catch up with other OV friends, and also spend some time with his brother, OV Jeremy Mannion (Cl 71-81).

Talking about his time back at King’s, Kevin said, “Thanks so much for the brilliant visit; I thought that the staff and students were really friendly. Really enjoyed myself and my thanks also to Harriet; I was very moved by my Dad’s stuff.”