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11 October

OV Dentist Inspires Pupil

Year 3 at St Alban’s have been learning all about teeth with their teacher Mrs Atkinson this term. They were therefore absolutely delighted to enjoy a visit from OV Dentist Rupert Monkhouse (Ch 05-12) this week. Rupert really enjoyed hearing everything that Year 3 had been learning and he also taught them lots of new things as well as answering questions. The pupils found out what foods and drinks are kind to your teeth, all the different areas of the mouth and the best teeth cleaning routine. Questions Rupert answered included ‘When do most people lose all their baby teeth?’, ‘Can I wobble a wobbly tooth?’, ‘Have you ever been asked to give someone a gold tooth?’ and ‘What made you want to be a dentist?’. An absolute highlight was when one pupil asked, ‘If I swallow my tooth, would I be able to get it back?’, to which Rupert replied ‘It depends how much you want your 50p from the tooth fairy!’.

Rupert then enjoyed a walk around the Biology building at King’s Senior School with Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie where he also was delighted to see his former teachers Matt Parkin (Hon OV) and Nicki Essenhigh (OV). After a nostalgic lunch in the Dining Hall, Rupert sat down with Stephen, a current member of the U6 who hopes to study Dentistry. Rupert was able to pass on lots of useful advice and to share his experiences with Stephen as well as talking about the University application process and rigours of the Dentistry course. Rupert is kindly coming back to help with the Healthcare Conference in February where he will share his experiences with and run sessions for, other pupils at King’s who are hoping to enter a career in healthcare.