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2 October

OV Dentist returns with teeth top tips

Ov Rupert Monkhouse at King's St Alban's


OV Rupert Monkhouse (Ch 05-12) is a wonderful supporter of King’s and has been into School on a number of occasions, either talking to the youngsters at St Alban’s about ‘Looking after your teeth’ or taking part in careers discussions with some of the older pupils at King’s Senior.

This Thursday, we were as delighted as ever to see Rupert in School and we took the opportunity to introduce him to King’s new Headmaster, Gareth Doodes. Gareth was interested to hear about Rupert’s experience of King’s, which he had attended through St Alban’s until he left at sixth form in 2012.

After King’s, Rupert studied Dentistry at King’s College London and he is now working as a dentist at two private practices: one in Reading and one in Worcester.  Rupert explained to Gareth how complicated life has become operating as a dentist under covid and how he needs specific PPE equipment to ensure both his safety as well as that of his patients.

After his meeting with the Headmaster, Rupert then went across to St Alban’s where he talked to the pupils in Year 3 about teeth as part of their topic. They talked about the different types of teeth and what they are used for, the properties of teeth and discussed how to look after their teeth. They also talked about what foods were good or bad for their teeth. Rupert loves coming back to School and is pleased to be in a position where he can give something back which is what King’s family is all about.