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4 December

OV Engineers attend virtual careers evening

Something we are very grateful to our OV community for is the advice and support they regularly give to our current pupils. On Monday evening this week, Helen Airdrie, Head of Careers arranged an evening session on Engineering careers. Over 25 students from the Upper Remove – Lower Sixth joined online to hear four guests, including three OVs, speak about their experiences within the fields of Mechanical, Robotic, Civil, Aerospace and Chemical Engineering in both technical, management and business development roles. Our thanks go to OVs Chris Crabtree (W 03-05), Ben Alexander (Ch 06-13) and Jon Feldman (Ch 96-05) and also to Adam Jones from Costain for sharing their insight and expertise.

Engineering is a very varied field which can lead to many different paths via both university and apprentice routes, and there is flexibility to move between different industries within the sector. The audience was offered good advice including, “Work is about the skills which you bring to the role, not just about knowledge”.