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7 January

OV Football Fixtures

On a beautifully crisp 4th January, Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, headed down to the King’s fields to enjoy the annual OV vs King’s current pupils football fixture. Arranged by Jon Sarriegui (Hon OV), this has become a much anticipated OV event in the calendar. It was a pleasure to see both a 1st and 2nd XI OV team playing the opposing King’s squads. For the OVs, the opportunity to play together again on the pitches they remember well from their school days proved great fun and a trip down memory lane. It was also nice for them to see the current talent at King’s and to be assured that the football tradition is in safe hands.

The matches were closely contested, with all sides playing exceptionally well (even those OVs back from university who considered themselves a little slower than when they played as current King’s pupils!). We were delighted to see the 1st XI OVs secure a deserved 3-2 win and the 2nds a 2-2 draw. Although the teams were not playing together regularly any more, the teamwork and support foundations laid at King’s were evidently still in abundance among the OV squads and it was a pleasure to see everyone together and having so much fun.

Sophie says, “It was great fun to see so many OVs come along to play together again. It just shows the bonds that still exist and the strength of the OV community in wanting to gather together and take part in an activity like this. It was particularly enjoyable to see OV Will Chapman facing his brother on the School side and to hear the OVs catching up, after what has been an unusually challenging couple of years. Jon Sarriegui and Mark Poole (Hon OV) always do such a good job arranging this event and I know they are so pleased to see the OVs and to welcome them back. It was also lovely to see Gilly (Hon OV) refereeing the 2nds.”

OV organiser Cameron Stanley-Blakey (S 10-17) added, “After leaving school 4 ½ years ago, I have kept in touch with Jon and co-ordinated an OVs side to act as a pre-season game for the school. This is no laborious task. I have always found it easy, with the help of social media, to keep in contact with recent leavers; indeed, so much so that 2022 was the first year we managed to field two sides. There is a great appetite for these games from the OVs, part of the enjoyment being seeing old faces, both leavers and staff, who make the effort to watch the game. The OVs have been unbeaten in these fixtures and long may this continue.”

OV Players:

1st Team:

OV Football

James Austin (Os 16-18), Cameron Stanley-Blakey (S 10-17), Thomas Gidney (S 11-18), Sean Jarvis (S 11-18), Oliver Tsiquaye (Cr 13-20) , Jack Cope (W 15-20), Will Caddick (Br 13-20), Alex Lowe (S 13-20), Luke Coupland (Ch 14-21), Seb Hood (S 13-20), Ciaran McGee (W 13-20), Will Price (Br 12-19), Joe Amos (K 13-20), Joe Sullivan (Ca 12-18), Cameron Mathewson (Cr 11-18)

2nd Team:

OV Football 2nd team

Archie Humpage (K 10-17), Harry Annable (Br 10-17), Cameron Stanley-Blakey, Will Chapman (Ca 14-21), Hamish Stigant (W 13-20), Joe Amos, Matthew Hall (W 14-21), Robert Saunders (Cl 14-21), Shaiyan Siddiqui (K 13-20), Tom Otley (Br 13-20), George Monce (Br 13-20), Seb Hood.