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13 March

OV Friends & Business Entrepreneurs

OVs Oliver Jones and Charlie Sutton

Many congratulations to OV friends Oliver Jones (S 00-06) and Charlie Sutton (W 01-02) who have set up their own vegan chocolate sauce business together, Broma Foods, which is now being stocked at the prestigious Selfridges. The name Broma comes from the Theobroma Cacao tree which is where all chocolate products come from and Broma also means food in Ancient Greek.

Here is their story written by Oliver and it is a fantastic testament to how hard-working and passionate our OVs are and how King’s can create life-long friends and in this case business partners!

“I met Charlie in L4. He had come up through the Junior School and I joined mid Easter term in 2000. We both lived in Malvern and there’s a tight group of us so we’ve always stayed in touch. We went in different directions after school. Charlie went on to become a Michelin trained chef in some of the best restaurants in London. I studied geology at Durham University, and spent 5 years in the oil, gas and renewables industry, predominantly as an offshore geotechnical engineer.

Broma was started out of a combined passion for food, wellness and eating naturally. We wanted to create a completely natural drinking chocolate that was free from refined sugars and made with the best quality ingredients. The product we have today is a refined iteration of a recipe we’ve used at home for years for healthy hot chocolates. We started discussing the idea in September 2018 and by December we had a market stall on London’s Southbank to test the concept of our healthy hot chocolates on the public. Based on the feedback, we had the confidence to leave our jobs behind, and go into Broma full time in January. The next four months were spent refining the recipe and packaging to make it as user friendly as possible, and sourcing the finest ingredients we could get our hands on.

OV Oliver Jones and Charlie Sutton 3

We launched our first product in May 2019 and since then have gained listings in Wholefoods, Selfridges and Revital. The majority of our listings are in London but we’re slowly spreading further afield and have finally got back to Worcester in Revital on the Shambles and The Fold in Bransford – a stunning farm shop.

It’s our mission to change the face of hot chocolate in the UK, with an alternative that is just as delicious, but completely natural and free from refined sugars. It’s our firm belief that eating naturally doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavour. It’s the ethos that Broma is built on and will continue to remain at our core moving forward. For us, hot chocolates are the start of something bigger. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves just yet but we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline and believe we have a transformational year ahead. The past 12 months have been a steep learning curve for us both. Neither of us have experience in setting up a business and so every day is a lesson. We think it just goes to show that with the right attitude, drive and belief in your product or message you stand a really good chance of making a go of it.”