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3 December

OV Gap Students

Every year, the three schools across the King’s Foundation welcome a select number of Gap Year Students, affectionately known as ‘Gappies’. These students support across all departments in the mornings, then help with Sports in the afternoons. It is a credit to King’s that there are usually a number of OVs included in the ‘Gappy’ roster and, as the first term of the scholastic year draws to a close, we asked our OV Gappies what they’re doing and how they are getting on!

OV Gap Students Will Chapman


Will Chapman (Ca 14-21 and King’s Hawford)
“In the morning I work in the Reprographics Department and help teachers with their daily printing tasks and requests.

“After this I’m down at the fields, assisting with the games sessions for various year groups throughout the week. Since starting, I’ve really enjoyed building on my already strong relationships with teachers as colleagues now, rather than having interactions from a pupil perspective.”



OV Gap Students Maire Douglas



Maire Douglas (Os 11-15)

“This is now my second year working at King’s and I have loved being back in a school environment. The role has really helped me work out what I would like to do in the future and I plan to study for a PGCE in Primary Education, which I wasn’t sure about before taking the role.”






OV Gap Students Harry Flockhart


Harry Flockhart (Ca 13-20 and King’s St Alban’s)
“I am delighted to be back at King’s again after only a year away! I work across the Foundation in several roles, giving me great variety and a good grasp of the School as a whole. I help in Finance doing small research projects, in the Development Office helping to find ways of contacting other OVs, and in IT Support. In King’s St Alban’s I have helped with every year group from Pre-Prep PE to Year 6 Rugby and Netball.

“A real highlight is being able to build a new type of friendship with staff who taught me for so many years. It would be remiss of me not to mention playing in very competitive staff football matches on Friday nights!”






OV Gap Students Dion King


Dion King (Cr 12-17)
“My first gap term has been a lot of fun as well as very rewarding. I have really enjoyed being part of the coaching here at King’s St Alban’s as it has helped me develop my coaching abilities and allowed me to progress my own coaching techniques, improve my skills; it has also shown me a insight of teaching which can only be seen first hand when working the gap role.

“I would highly recommend the role to anyone interested in the future if you can see yourself in a teaching role or just to develop yourself as a person.”







OV Gap Students Milly Short




Milly Short (W 14-21 and King’s Hawford)
“I am working in Marketing in the mornings, helping out with social media, news articles and tours. I also help with girls’ games in the afternoons. I have really enjoyed coaching across the age groups and helping the girls progress in their sport. Being back as a member of staff was strange to begin with but I am getting used to it now!”








OV Gap Students Olly Timlin


Olly Timlin (K 14-21 and King’s St Alban’s)
“I’m really enjoying my gap year at King’s; seeing all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to put on the seamless show that is the running of the school has been eye-opening.

“Being the coach of the J15 boys in the boathouse has been a great way for me to pass on all the great skills I learnt at my time at King’s to the next generation of rowers!”