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14 October

OV Gap Year Guidance

On Tuesday 12 October 2021 we were delighted to welcome, albeit virtually, six OVs to give a Key Skills talk about Gap Years to the current Upper Sixth.

Francesca Descher (Cl 10-17), George Gudgeon (Os 08-15), Maggie Bullock (Os 12-19), Archie Jury (W 09-16), Miles Maley (Cl 12-19) and Holly Jennings (W 13-20) very kindly pre-recorded short talks about their own Gap Years to help the U6 gain a better understanding of what can happen.

OV Gap Year Guidance photo collage of speakers

There was a mix of experiences from the last couple of years. Some of the speakers had intended to take the year out to give more time to consider their future and had meticulously planned their time. Others had not achieved the A Level results they needed, so the Gap Year was unexpected but gave the U6 some great advice on how to adapt and use the time advantageously.

Our many thanks to you all!