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17 April

OV Illustrations for COVID-19 charities

Well done to OV Olivia Parson (Cr 07-11) who is using her spare time in lockdown to rediscover her creativity and raise money for charity.

OV Olivia Parsons with illustration

Olivia was a keen art student at King’s, being taught Art A-level by Chris Haywood (Hon OV), and has been learning to do illustrations thanks to a video on Skillshare. She has created quite a following on Instagram already, undertaking commissions in exchange for donations to charities related to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Charities supported to date range from homeless shelters and food banks to new ventilator innovations.

Olivia says: “The response has been amazing. Two weeks in and I’ve sold eight illustrations, and raised £750 for charity, with the same amount again pledged for future commissions.”

OV Olivia Parsons illustration 1

OV Olivia Parsons illustration 2