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3 April

OV in Gozo finds musical King’s connection

It was lovely to hear from OV Martyn Pellew (S 62-66) who, before the lockdown, was leading groups of walkers for a week’s holiday on Gozo. Martyn is a regular leader of walking groups for a Penrith based UK travel company called HF Holidays.

Martyn was surprised & delighted to find that King’s School choir was also on the island of Gozo at the same time! The attached photo shows the poster which adorned a lamppost in the capital Victoria on Gozo advertising a local concert. Earlier that day Martyn and his walking group had walked through San Lawrenz and its magnificent church without realising the link between its visiting choir and Martyn’s OV connection.

Martyn writes, “It’s good to see that King’s School Worcester musical talents are appreciated far and wide.”