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2 October

OV involved in project promoting diversity in news media

We were delighted to read this week that OV Jackie Stevenson (Co 85-86) has been involved in delivering an important project promoting diversity in news media as part of her role as Global CEO at The Brooklyn Brothers.

Jackie says, “We’re delighted that our agency The Brooklyn Brothers has partnered with the Financial Times (FT) to launch News School, a nightly education programme designed to give young people from a variety of backgrounds an opportunity to learn about the news industry in order to encourage a broader and more diverse group of entrants in to the media industry and ensure all voices are represented and heard.”

The two-week programme aims to educate 28 young people about the business side of news media with participants learning about a range of topics such as business models for journalism, technologies for news distribution, advertising and marketing measurement, and storytelling in audio and video formats. This will involve a series of interactive sessions led by experts from the FT, Guardian, Economist, Wall Street Journal, Spotify, Amazon, The Brooklyn Brothers and YouTube.

Once participants have completed the course, the News School aims to find them full-time employment in the news, media or associated creative industry within six months.