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5 November

OV Professions Meet-up

Thursday 14th October 2021 saw Development Director, Liz Elliott, and Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, head to London to meet with our OV Professions Groups for the first time since before Lockdown One in 2020.

In a change to the usual format, where the groups meet independently, we brought together all four current groups, Finance, Law, Marketing, and Property, at The Long Acre pub in bustling Covent Garden.

The evening gave opportunity for OVs to network with others working in the same sector as well as to meet those from different areas but who share a King’s experience. It was a pleasure to meet OVs at different stages of their careers, with those at the start of their career journeys and those more senior in their professions able to share experiences. The mix between sectors also gave rise to some really interesting conversations, as many of the OVs say they find their career spans over more than one of the sectors.

OV Professions Meet-up photo compilation

Liz and Sophie were particularly impressed and inspired to hear how the OVs and their companies have adjusted and persevered during these uncertain times. There were so many examples of innovation, positivity and resilience.

Sophie added: “We were delighted over the course of the evening to be joined by around 35 OVs and great fun was had by all. Feedback afterwards was tremendously positive and we look forward to meeting with the OVs again and to expanding these professional groups in the future to include even sectors.”

If you would like to join an OV Professions Group, please do let us know: