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2 July

Published Pair of OVs

A very well known King’s Worcester face, Stephan Le Marchand (Hon OV), has used Worcester as the setting for his much-anticipated debut novel So Much More the Man – which hit the shelves this week.

Many OVs will fondly remember Stephan from his time as their English teacher at King’s, as well as Chappel House Tutor, drama director and House Song enthusiast!

Stephan le Marchand

The main character in Stephen’s novel is Philip, an English teacher in Worcester, nearing retirement. Feeling melancholy, Philip compares himself to characters in the literature he has taught and wishes his life had been more exciting. Then Jane, a lost love from 40 years ago makes an appearance back in his life…if you’d like to know more, you’ll just have to read the book!

Stephan added, “‘If you’re looking for some holiday reading, look no further than So Much More the Man. P.S. Pass it on. Please.”

With two books already to his name, OV David Brodie (Br 57-64) has just published his latest novel.  Called June The Twenty Fourth, it can best be described as an adventurous biography.

David Brodie

It follows the lives and loves of two boys as they experience a number of events, from birth to maturity. These events, some might say fantastical, are initiated by an unknown mentor. Throughout the boys’ lives, their places in family, society and personal development are contrasted, for no two people walk in the same shoes forever.

David explained, “This is a work of fiction, but much of what you read is so realistic that you are bound to be left with the question – did this really happen? And although King’s Worcester is not named in the novel, the reader, especially boys from the 50s, 60s and 70s, will appreciate the references to school life, taken from my experience at the time!”

David Brodie

All proceeds from David’s book will go to the Nepalese charity, Mountain People, which aims to help the people of Nepal help themselves. If you would like to know more about David’s book or the charity, just get in touch with us.

We wish our OV authors every success with their latest publications!

If you are publishing a work of fiction, fact, or faction, please do let us, and the rest of the OV community, know: