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17 September

OV Rugby 7s Tournament

In July, 13 OVs from the 2019 contingent came together to enter an OV team into the North Dorset Rugby 7s Social Tournament, hosted by the North Dorset Rugby Club.

For those not in the know, the Social Tournament format involves eight groups of four teams, so 32 teams in total. There are four group qualifying categories:
• 1st group place qualifies for Cup
• 2nd place qualifies for Plate
• 3rd place qualifies for Bowl
• 4th place qualifies for Barrel

OV Toby Platt (K 12-19) talked us through the tournament: “The OV team put in some solid performances in the group stages. The highlight was the 24-12 win against Greywulfs.

“Much to our surprise we won our group and qualified for the Cup competition. The quarter final was an entertaining game. Despite taking the lead, though, we ultimately lost 22-17 to South Africa Wild Dogs.”

After the tournament, the Club showed the Lions game before hosting a music festival, which went on until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Toby added: “Thanks to everybody who came to support us. It was a really enjoyable weekend and we look forward to going again next year!”

All the OVs involved were strong sportsmen while at School, so it’s wonderful to see them continue to play beyond King’s.

OV Rugby 7s Tournament

The OV rugby team, from left to right

Back row: George Patey (Os 12-19), Alfie Pritchard (S 10-17), Josh Moorhouse (Br 12-19), Ali Robb (K 12-19), Charles Clark (Ch 12-19), Tom Long (S 12-19), Ethan Summerwill (Br 12-19), Ed Burgoyne (Cl 12-19), Tom Judge (W 17-19)

Front row: Joe Pritchard (Os 12-19), Toby Platt (K 12-19), Max Richardson (W 14-19), Ted Pickering (Br 12-19), Ollie Geach (W 17-19)