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15 October

OV Scholarship Success

Huge congratulations to OV Pippa Wills (Cl 13-20), who starts her second year at the University of Cambridge on a high, having won both a Prize and a Scholarship thanks to her incredible First Year examination results in her English degree.

Pippa has been awarded the Wright Prize, a new prize that recognises students who perform to a particularly high standard in examinations, for her First in the end of year exams – ranking in the top third of Firsts across the entire University.

In addition, Pippa has received the Alfred Hall Prior Scholarship in English; within the English cohort of 233 students, Pippa was ranked 16th and top in her College, St. John’s. As well as a monetary value, the Scholarship means Pippa becomes a member of the Foundation of the St. John’s College and, once officially admitted in the Scholar’s Ceremony, Pippa will be allowed to walk on the grass in the Scholar’s Garden!

Pippa has also been taking time away from her studies to revive the dormant English Society and writing poetry, some of which has been published in the St. John’s Poetry Pamphlet.

OV Scholarship Success Pippa Wills

Commenting on her awards, Pippa said, “I was surprised and of course overjoyed to receive my Prize and Scholarship; it made a fantastic year at St John’s even better. I am excited for another year of living and learning in this very special college, and all the academic opportunities which will present themselves! I am particularly looking forward to writing my dissertation, on Fruit Imagery in Victorian Poetry.

“I would like to thank my teachers at King’s for encouraging me to apply for Cambridge, which I can safely say was the best decision I ever made!”

Many congratulations Pippa!