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6 May

OV Stuns in Latest Role

OV Penny Ashmore’s (Cl 14-16) first professional acting job has been met with a wonderful response from audiences and in particular from her co-star, and well-known actress, Jodie Comer.

Penny played Jodie’s body double in season four of the acclaimed TV series Killing Eve.

Penny Ashmore

In an interview with BBC America regarding the show, Jodie Comer said, “One thing I will say is that I was working with an incredible actress called Penny Ashmore.

“We would work together through those scenes and when I was Vision she was Villanelle and we would come to a scene and block it out.

“I would block out both characters to understand how I wanted to play them physically because it was so technical.

“We couldn’t be too close and every placement had to be very specific.

“She was amazing.”

In response, Penny told us, “As a first filming role, I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting setting – it was so surreal to step behind the scenes on one of my favourite shows and work with actors I admire so greatly. Every day on set I learnt something I didn’t know before and I had the best time getting to know the cast and crew. I just felt super lucky to be a part of that group of people!”

Penny Ashmore 475 Dinner at King's Worcester

In addition to her acting career, Penny is also a very talented singer, and will be taking part in the prestigious Glyndebourne Academy this year, more details of which you can read about here.( )

Many congratulations on your acting debut, Penny, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.