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8 July

OV Visits from across the Generations

As we draw towards the end of term and the end of a very challenging year here at King’s Worcester, it was such a pleasure to welcome back to King’s two OVs from different eras: Robert Spier (Ch/Cl/S 45-55) attended King’s when it was a boys-only boarding school with around 350 pupils, whilst Daniel Williams (Cl 09-15) came to King’s when girls made up 50% of the pupil body and it had become a fully co-educational school, with two prep schools and some 1500 pupils.

Daniel Williams Robert Spier Liz Elliott Edgar Tower

Robert has been a keen and very generous supporter of King’s bursaries in recent years; he himself had received a funded education during his time at the School – via the Direct Grant Scheme, having passed the 11+ to enter the School – and, through his previous financial donations, he has been able to witness for himself the impact that having a bursary has on a young person’s life. It was a real pleasure for Development Director, Liz Elliott to introduce Robert to Daniel, who had been able to complete his King’s education due to bursarial support. On leaving King’s, Daniel went to the University of Birmingham where he gained a first in his Masters degree, Physics & Astrophysics, and then a distinction in a Further Masters in Applied Meteorology & Climatology. Daniel is now a funded Doctoral student at University of Exeter, studying the General Circulation of Planetary Atmospheres, with specific focus on the climate of Titan.

After a really pleasant lunch, Robert met with King’s Worcester Headmaster, Gareth Doodes and Trustee, Deputy Head Academic, and teacher of Maths, Hon OV Katie Beever.

Daniel was thrilled that two of his former teachers, Hon OVs Dr Richard James and Ian Robinson and his house master, Josh Hand (Hon OV), were able to join him for a quick catch up before afternoon lessons started. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet one of their former students and were also really interested to hear what Daniel had been up to in the past six years. We are hoping that we can tempt Daniel back to King’s next year to talk with some of our sixth form physicists about his research and study of Physics and Astrophysics at University.

Daniel Williams Josh Hand Richard James and Ian Robinson

Robert enjoyed talking with the Headmaster and Katie Beever about his memories from School, as well as sharing his enthusiasm for the importance of numeracy in schools; he also recollected his last visit to King’s in 2019 when he had attended a GCSE Maths lesson, taught by Katie and Robert explained how impressed he had been by the comfortable and constructive relationship between pupils and teachers. This was a teaching style which was very different from his own schooldays and he shared with the Headmaster his own brief experience of teaching accountancy at the University of Khartoum.

Robert Spier

We were delighted that both Robert and Daniel were able to join us here at King’s before the end of term and hope that we will be able to welcome them, and indeed more OV visitors, back to School when more normal times return, hopefully in the autumn.