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17 June

OV’s Alumni Award

OV and dentist Rupert Monkhouse (Ch 05-12 and King’s St Alban’s), a regular visitor back to King’s, has recently won recognition at the King’s College London Young Alumni Awards 2022.

Award OV Rupert Monkhouse

The award was presented at the King’s College London Alumni dinner. Rupert explains, “I won the case presentation category, where we had to present a case of complex treatment including the issues the patient presented with, how we planned the treatment and the step by step of each appointment. It was also a great opportunity to meet with other alumni I trained with as well as staff and catch up after a couple of years of COVID.”

He continued, “It was lovely to be chosen for the award for the hard work put into the case. It was also great that the patient happened to be in that weekend for his check up and hygiene session!”

Award OV Rupert Monkhouse

Many congratulations, Rupert, for well-deserved recognition of your fantastic work!