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12 October

OVs climbing to the top!

Luissa Climbs to the top!

Many congratulations to Luissa Burton (Cl 06-08) for summiting one of the world's deadliest mountains, MT Elbrus in Russia. Luissa was climbing to raise funds for the British Skin Foundation for whom she is an ambassador. So far Luissa has raised over £10,000. 

Luissa said of her recent climb, “After months of planning, one week of climbing and acclimatisations, waiting out insane blizzards and then a 12 hour summit push yesterday starting in the pitch black at 2am, the Miss Europe World sash finally made it to Europe’s highest point, 5,642 meters.

A few years back I climbed MT Kilimanjaro which even though it is higher by about 200 meters, I learnt very quickly that this was a whole different ball game climbing on snow and ice conditions with ropes, harnesses, axes etc was technically challenging… Also when I did Kilimanjaro I was extremely fortunate to get no altitude sickness effects, yesterday the altitude hit me HARD. The last 3 hours to the summit I was finding it impossible to breathe and every step left me doubled over gasping for air. After assessment the guide felt I was still fit enough to reach the summit so it become a mental battle. Battered, bruised and broken but worth it raising funds for British Skin Foundation”  A huge well done to Luissa for a very worthy cause!

Musical Magic

We have been thrilled to follow the success of Geneva's Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR) under the Direction of Jonathan Nott (Br 71-81) who took up the post in 2017. The OSR is proudly celebrating its centenary this year having been founded in 1918 by Ernest Ansermet.  Jonathan has been preparing for a busy and varied programme to mark this 100 year milestone. Highlights have included the OSR's Proms debut in the Royal Albert Hall in August this year, with Jonathan conducting, and concert performances to follow with works by Brahms, Bartók, and Stravinsky. We were especially delighted to see Jonathan interviewed on Radio Televison Switzerland this month where he impressed us with his superb French accent and shared his belief that “classical music is for everyone”. Jonathan also went to talk about his passion for all genres of music, and when asked who his dream guest would be with the OSR, he said “Lady Gaga”. The full interview can be seen here and we wish Jonathan and the OSR all the best with this exciting centenary year. 

(Photo courtesy of Orchestre de la Suisse Romande)


Tune in for OV Iska

We were delighted to hear OV Iska Lupton (S 05-07) on Women's Hour recently. Iska and journalist Anastasia Miari, are working on an exciting project called ‘Grand Dishes’ which celebrates the time-perfected dishes of the world's grandmothers (see the previous report on Iska's book project in our OV news here for more details). Iska and Anastasia were featured on Women’s Hour and you can listen to their interview from around 36:30 mins here