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14 January

OV’s drinks business expands rapidly across the US

OV Hugh ThomasIt was great to have an update from OV Hugh Thomas (W 00-07) about how things are going with his growing drinks business. Hugh has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and, as a pupil at King’s, Hugh was Managing Director of his Young Enterprise team so it is no surprise to hear how well he is doing in the business world.  He has also been generous offering advice and guidance and sharing some of his own experiences of setting up a business, with King’s Young Enterprise students in recent years.

After leaving King’s Hugh attended Warwick Business School and gained a first class honours degree in Management Science.  In 2015, Hugh co-founded Ugly Drinks which produces natural, fruit-infused sparkling waters and the business has grown exponentially since its foundation, moving into the USA market in 2018.

Hugh says, “Ugly is now in 20,000 stores globally including Tesco and Sainsburys in the UK, and cover 15,000 stores in the USA. In 2021 we will be continuing to roll out in new stores, with launches in CVS, Kroger and Publix confirmed. Available at wherever you are in the UK – use UGLYHUGH for a special OV price”.

We wish Hugh all the very best of luck at this exciting time for his business and look forward to welcoming him back to King’s in the future, to share the benefit of his extraordinary career with King’s pupils again.