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5 March

OVs Entertain With Lunchtime Performance

This week’s OV lunchtime concert features Ollie Wild (Ch 10-17) and Shannon Asplen (Ch 10-17) performing Bon Iver’s Hey, Ma. Ollie has recently graduated from Leeds College of Music where he was studying Music Production and Performance and Shannon is in her fourth year at The Royal College of Music where she holds a Saxophone Scholarship. Ollie and Shannon performed at the  first Open Mic Night in 2015 and became regular contributors, often duetting together. Shannon performed and sang in many school ensembles and musicals and in 2016 she performed a Saxophone Fantasia with the Wind Band which was commissioned by the music department for her and composed by Piers Kennedy. Today’s performance has been arranged and edited by Ollie. It is absolutely beautiful! You can listen to the performance here: