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18 March

OVs’ entries into King’s ‘Landscape a Day’ Art Competition

The ‘Landscape a day’ art competition organised by the King’s Art department has been hugely successful, with submissions including a diverse range of landscapes and mediums, and we have been so pleased to see entries from OVs.

David Brodie (Br 57-64) submitted some stunning photographs to remind us that one day overseas travel will be possible again!

OV David Brodie Art 1This photo was taken at the end of a long day cycling around the township of  Mandalay, and shows the sunset over U Bein Bridge, a structure of over 1000 wooden poles crossing Amarapura’s Taungmyo Lake, Myanmar, Burma.

The other photographs were taken during one of David’s seven visits to Nepal and he explains, “My trips have been to engage in research to prevent iodine deficiency disease, to establish 12 primary school libraries and to support the communities still suffering from the 2015 earthquake. All my visits have involved trekking to remote mountainous regions of Nepal, because this is where the people are most disadvantaged and need the most help. My next trip will focus on building a health and education centre in Tipling, an area on the Tibetan border.”

  • The Nepalese flag, the only national flag of this shape, with Fish Tail Mountain in the background.
  • Macchapucchare bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. Macchapucchare, at over 7000 metres, has never been climbed because it is a sacred mountain in Nepal.
  • A monk photographing Macchapucchare (Fish Tail Mountain) with his mobile phone, near Pokhara.
  • OV David Brodie Art 2

OV, Olivia Parson’s (Cr 07-11) paintings are absolutely beautiful and she has rekindled her love for painting during lockdown and donates all proceeds from her sold work to charity.OV Olivia Parson Art

She shared with us the following thoughts on why painting is so important for her, “This time last year, I re-discovered my love of painting (which I am hugely grateful to King’s and Mr Haywood for fostering), and it has been an amazing outlet over the past year. Particularly in the first lockdown last March, it helped hugely in giving me focus, motivation and inspiration. As I have since been doing paintings in exchange for donations to charity, it has also been a wonderful way to make new connections and hear about the amazing work so many charities are doing to help with the pandemic. I am particularly inspired by the natural world and daily objects, and love making new interpretations of a traditional landscape or still life.”


Thank you to Olivia and David for sharing their inspiring artwork with the rest of the King’s family.  You can see all the entries on the King’s Art Department twitter account HERE.