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3 March

OVs experiences in current pandemic

We were intrigued to hear recently two very different stories in relation to the pandemic, one from OV, Phil Mackie (Cl 73-83), who has suffered from the virus – so much so that he ended up in hospital – and he presents his thoughts and advice through a short film that Worcester County Council asked him to share and we have also heard from Simon Mico (Os 85-95), whose company has developed a very unique testing system for Covid-19.

Phil Mackie (Cl 73-83)

Phil reported to Worcester County Council about how he ended up in hospital with Covid-19, warning people “nobody should take this lightly at all”.

Phil discussed how Covid-19 personally affected him. He reported it only began with a light cough, but over a couple of days, he was suddenly in a terrible way. His symptoms included a pounding headache, shivering, and a constant cough. His blood oxygen levels dropped below 90% and his temperature went above 39 °C; this was when he was taken into hospital to be given oxygen and to get his rate back to normal.

Phil warned how the virus can cause an ordinarily healthy person to become so unwell and pointed out the importance of taking this pandemic seriously.

We are glad to hear Phil has recovered from this terrible illness. To listen to Phil’s full report on Worcester County Council’s Twitter, click here.


Simon Mico (Os 85-95)

Simon Mico Simon Mico (Os 85-95), is currently leading a scientific team at his laboratories at Bio-Diagnostics Ltd, where he has developed a unique three minute ultra-rapid, but critically highly accurate immunity test that can tell if people have the same spike antibodies attained from a vaccine.

The new test system also detects the very same spike antibodies that occur after contracting Covid-19, helping people know if they have already been exposed to the disease.

The new immunity test, entirely developed and manufactured by Simon and his company in the UK, is, he says, “the only three minute test in the world with near 100% accuracy”.

The test was CE marked for MHRA approval in the summer of 2020, and submitted all validity data to the UK regulator, the MHRA, which has now accepted the findings. His company now has imminent plans to market this both in the UK and abroad.

Simon says his early research, which began in January 2020, revealed that other antibody testing technologies are frequently inaccurate because they are, “looking for the wrong antibodies. These are unable to detect the same ‘spike’ antibodies that were more widely revealed by multiple vaccine trials at the end of 2020 to provide immunity. All tests for nucleoproteins give a negative result to the vaccines every time, because they simply aren’t looking for the right protein”.

The company’s research also revealed that everyone tested in March 2020 is still producing ‘spike’ antibodies when re-tested today, meaning immunity can last more than 12 months, far longer than previously thought by world scientists.

Simon says that his company’s Covid-19 BioCard test kit also confirms whether you have genuinely acquired immunity from the vaccine, explaining that existing vaccines are known to work much less well on older people than the young.

This is an excellent achievement by Simon and his team at Bio-Diagnostics Ltd. Thank you Simon for sharing this wonderful news.