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18 March

OVs in Lockdown Prime Minister World Cup.

It was great fun to hear that two OVs have been taking part in a lockdown challenge. Anna Hughes (Co 90-92) and Martin Davies (Cl 81-91) have both found themselves working at Pocklington School and have just reached the semi-finals, making a bid for the ‘Best Prime Minister’ in a Prime Minister World Cup as part of a Pocklington School History and Politics Podcast.

Anna told us “The idea bloomed in lockdown for an unusual and fun way to explore politics and history in a light-hearted way. We would showcase the 6th form students in a Mastermind challenge where pupils chose their subjects based on their interests and answered questions on these plus general knowledge history questions, and staff members and guests would be involved in a Top Trumps of Prime Ministers. Each staff member chose a motley crew of PMs and explained why their choice deserved to be top of the Top Trumps on the weekly podcast. These podcasts were then shared on social media and voted on by the public to determine which PM moved on. Martin and I were both victorious against our counterparts and then found ourselves competing against each other with Disraeli and Macmillan in the semi-final. The voting is now live!”

We really enjoyed hearing this news from Anna and Martin and the podcast includes some fond memories of their King’s days (“It was and is a lovely school… happy times”). You can watch the recent semi-final podcast here (the discussion of King’s and their debate begins at approx 20 minutes in).